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Unique Attributes Of Laser Treatment For Arthritis In Knees

By Daniel Cole

For many years electromagnetic spectrum rays have been used for treating the human body. The laser treatment for arthritis in knees has emerged as a recently discovered method. Patients diagnosed with arthritis have suffered for many years since other methods like surgery has caused them much pain as they recover. The method has become a game changer in treating this painful disease and hence attracting many researchers, doctors, and scientists.

Many doctors have welcomed this method since it is less invasive compared to surgery which has an injury and other risks. Less much light is used thus does not produce heat but rays which help to palliate knee pain and repair body tissues. Therefore, this method is also referred to as low-level laser therapy or soft laser therapy. Most insurers still consider the method experimental but researcher and scientist have confidence that it is the future for such treatment.

Furthermore, the method involves producing different wavelengths of light to cure a specific condition of the disease. Since a knee is an important body part, the doctors had to find an easier method to treat it. Light energy is passed through the skin into two to three other tissues where it sets off a reaction. This reaction improves blood circulation.

The therapy starts with the doctor passing the device close the vital body part directly to the area with the pain. This continues ensuring that the device is touching the skin for some minutes depending on the prescription. The size of an affected region also determines the contact time hence this helps to regenerate damaged tissue and the recovery process. Anti-inflammatory drugs herbal supplements must be avoided.

This therapy goes on for more than one single session since one is not enough to make all tissue repaired and the pain relieved. Different patients recover faster than others depending on how bad the tissue was damaged. One thing that makes this process exciting is that it is painless and does not involve the injection of drugs over the few weeks and months. The doctor then realizes the patient with no side effects and the knee muscle back to its normal strength.

Before the doctor begins the sessions, the patient is diagnosed and precautions are set to ensure a successful process is performed. A patient with cancerous cells on the skin or around the tissue is not legible for this type of method. The doctor also plans a schedule with the patient and also settle other arising issues like payments. The doctor also informs the patient about what he or she should avoid during the period.

There are two types of this disease which include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis which affect the body. The light produces a photo-chemical reaction which helps to rebuild the muscle, tendons and other knee tissues. The patients can also purchase the cold laser device for domestic therapy, therefore, making the process easy and convenient. The therapist helps their clients to acquire a device which produces the right efficacy.

Researchers and doctors have found out this method have many advantages compared to another method of treating the disease over the past three decades. It has no injuries and does not require the necessary preparations since one can get the daily dosage and go to work.

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