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Truly Loving Someone With Mental Illness

By Brenda Mitchell

When a child or adult is diagnose with a mental disorder, the recovery process can be long and hard. Not only can this affect the individual, but it is also exhausting for the family. Parents will feel the pressure as they recognize ongoing signs and symptoms which can be disappointing. In addition to this, they will be hurt by the accusations. Loving someone with mental illness is not easy and it is a long road.

Parents usually begin to feel ashamed of themselves at first, thinking this is their fault and they may be useless parents. This is the general thought pattern, and it is only natural to think this way. A parent may compare their kids to another family who is healthy. Perhaps another family has not even paid as much attention to the children.

It will cause parents to feel bitter about the whole situation. At this point, parents should be thinking of counseling themselves. There are many emotions that can come into play. Many parents will have to support the child and it means that they have to go into work every day. It leads to stress trying to raise the finances. Marriages can cause a great deal of stress as well.

The spouse of someone may only find out later down the line that their loved one has a problem with their mental health. It is not easy to simply let go of a partner simply because they have signs of depression or because their mood changes from one extreme to the other. People often feel that when you love someone, it is necessary to stick by them.

Kids will begin to have questions. They want to know why their mom or dad is happy the one day and the next day they will be angry. Often, the parent will take their rage out on the kids, and this can leave them with bad memories to have to deal with. Often, they will feel guilty thinking that this is their fault. Family counselling is something that everyone needs to take part in.

One also needs to know that this is something that goes around in the genes. One must be aware of various signs and symptoms. For example, when you feel that you are depressed or anxious, it is important to follow this up in the early stages so you don't land up with the same predicament on your hands.

One must get to know more about the mental illness and what it does to a person. There are a lot of resources. The parent or close relative should also talk to a therapist about this. For example, by finding out about depression and how the individual can blame those close to them, you will feel a lot better about yourself.

There are different types of therapy programs as well. It can depend on the individual and the disorder. There are big groups as well as those which are more intimate. A sibling will struggle with various emotions that come up as well. They often don't understand why so much attention is given to their brother or sister. They may be embarrassed at certain times. It is therefore, important to deal with this as well.

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