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Achieving Ultimate Physical Wellness With The Best Christian Women Fitness Program

By Daniel Smith

According to the Bible, the woman is an important member of society. She is a wife. She is also a mother. It is hard to imagine a world without women. Such a world will simply be a very dark place. A healthy woman translates to a healthy church and that results to a healthy society. Christian women need to be mindful about their spiritual health. In addition, they should not ignore their physical health. That is the reason why they need a Christian women fitness program. This kind of program approaches the issue of health and wellness from a holistic standpoint.

Being spiritually well is important. The spirit is the most important part of a human being. There is the spirit that is also called the soul. There is also the body and the mind. After death, the body and the mind will rot away. However, the spirit will remain. As a matter of fact, it will live forever.

Attaining spiritual health is not rocket science. The Holy Bible lists down everything that a believer has to do so that to be spiritually well. Of course, she has to read her Bible so that to obtain much needed spiritual guidance. Scripture encourages believers to pray without ceasing so that they do not fall into temptation. Regular fasting is also recommended.

Scripture also tells believers to be mindful about the state of their bodies. A true believer cares about her health and wellness. Therefore, she will not let her body to be unfit because that can interfere with her quest for the things above which are unseen and are the most important. Time can be wasted treating easily preventable disease.

No one can attain physical fitness if he is overweight or obese. Actually, the obesity pandemic is getting out of hand not just in Western countries such as Canada and the United States of America but also in developing countries. Having extra layers of fat in the body will increase the risk of dying from a number of diseases including heart disease.

The reason why most women are overweight is because of having a sedentary lifestyle. Westerners sit down a lot. They sit down for hours when they are busy at work. When they come back home, they also continue the culture of sitting down. Actually, they sit down while watching the TV and enjoying the different pleasure foods present in the house.

A fitness program will keep an individual active. She will exercise a number of times in a week. On one hand, there are aerobic exercises. On the other hand, there are weight lifting exercises. All these are needed so that to make the body to be fit. Diet also has an important role to play. One should eat healthy foods.

The believer should strive to live a moral life. She needs to follow biblical teachings so that to be able to go to heaven at the end of time. Heaven is a beautiful place while hell is a place of darkness. While on earth, one should also strive to live the best life possible. For that to happen, an individual must be fit.

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