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Using Glycolic Exfoliating Cleanser Helps Adult Acne

By Joyce Nelson

Treating problem skin takes a careful approach, as some things may either go away or arrive with age. Often it can be difficult to determine how major skin changes come about but finding a cure can vary amongst individuals. For instance, more people are finding that using glycolic exfoliating cleanser at home is one of the most effective ways to reverse things like hyperpigmentation.

As there are many products on the market, not all are recommended for exfoliating every day. Some exfoliating products are too rough for the face or intended to be used sparingly. While glycolic acid is very good for removing dead skin, using the product in a strong concentration by itself every day is not recommended for all cases. Most cleansers tend to be milder and there is normally no need to follow up with a moisturizer.

In some cases, coarse granules or pads made from synthetic materials can make things worse. Although these may feel good or like a difference is being made, starting off gentle is the best measure. Some of these products that tend to do a little extra are best for occasional use, or as directed by a skin care professional.

Although glycolic acid goes on smoothly, it does not make it less potent when fighting age spots, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. Forty percent is the maximum strength recommended for consumer use, only a licensed physician can recommend more. Since this is an acid, neutralizing and maintaining the skin is the key to obtaining the best results.

This is very important, especially for those with sensitive skin who may be prone to peeling or dryness. Starting with low dosage cleanser or peel product that is between twenty and thirty percent is also best for everyday use. Using a glycolic cleansing wash or peel every day is the best way to combat hyperpigmentation.

Using cleanser may also be recommended for those who have had problems using peels. While very effective, sometimes having an esthetician apply these is best since the skin has to be neutralized afterward. They can also determine the best strength needed so that skin will not burn or result in more hyperpigmentation.

Hydration is also important to maintain a clear complexion. Besides drinking more water, foods with high alkaline content can also benefit the skin and digestive systems. Beans, fresh produce without added sugar or salt can offer many health benefits. Since digestion plays a strong role in the skin system, switching from white flour to grains can also help with making the complexion even and smooth. Some health experts even link excessive sugar consumption to acne breakouts.

One thing that experts recommend is protecting treated skin from sun exposure. Most people think of someone who lays around leisurely when they think of a sunbather but in this instance, anyone who is exposed can experience skin damage. Sunblock is recommended for anyone with sensitive skin or expects to be outside within hours of receiving a treatment, even if it looks cloudy. Even being in the sun for a short time can make hyperpigmentation worse.

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