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Racial Reconciliation With Nurses, Why You Must Care

By Melissa Moore

Every nurse that is working in a medical center or facility is licensed. Before they got the job offer from their respective hospital, they properly went through the acquisition process. That is why there is no one in this world is capable enough of destroying their image just because they do not like the color of their skin or their language. That is terrible. In response to this issue, the authority and the nonprofit institutions should come up with a racial reconciliation with nurses. This issue should be tackled. For sure, to protect the interest of the hospitals and their employees, a lot of hospitals are adhering to the demands of their patients.

To begin with, regardless of the race, this matter is not really an issue. Only God could discriminate someone. Furthermore, if ever there are things that the white or black enjoys today, all of it is the product of their ancestors. You could not blame the new generations for it.

However, you cannot just think about your own emotions. Racist people should stop enjoying the name created by their ancestors. You know how dirty the history can be. Do not be part of it. You cannot blame others for the terrible past committed by their ancestors. For sure, many of you are aware of that.

They must be aware of the situations. They are the only people who could correct such mindset. Parents should teach their children well. The world is not all about skin color or language. Kindness does not take in white form. Furthermore, it is not defined with skin color. Even animals could understand each other through instincts.

They would feel hopeless. Tons of individuals feel that way, particularly, the white. Well, not everybody. Once you knew them better, you would surely love even the most racist person on Earth. Every person has their own cons and quirks. Everyone has their own light and darkness. Sadly, afraid to embrace equality, a lot of them ignore their dark sides.

They did happen. They are real. A lot of people died just to sacrifice their freedom. The superior ones conquer lands by killing natives. They steal their kids, kill their brothers, and demolish their humanity just for the sake of pride and wealth. Some people were unfairly imprisoned for the sin they did not do.

As you can see, knowing how to speak the local dialect will never determine your status in the society. Hence, it would be better for racists to leave the skin color of other people alone. It does not make any sense. Only the rejects of the rejects do that. Only uneducated individuals settle the score by saying those things.

Truly, there are people who are not good at writing or saying the words. They are not born with linguistic talents. However, once you check their other strengths and talents, you would be mesmerized by their works. Some people are good at singing. Others are good at planting.

Stop it. Only the low of the lowest is capable of acting that way. As an educated person, make sure to ignore that mindset. Certainly, there are times when you cannot stop yourself from scolding someone. However, there are proper ways of doing that. If you resolve the issue by hitting them under the belt, you will only put yourself at a great disadvantage. That is not how the educated people solve problems. It is inappropriate.

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