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Important Facts You Should About Invisalign In Key Largo

By Stephanie Murray

Invisalign treatments can assist in correcting crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth. What makes this technology highly preferred is that you can achieve a beautiful smile without making it public business that you are trying to correct your dental. The clear trays will enable you to enhance your smile effectively, yet discreetly. Before you start using Invisalign in Key Largo, there are several important facts that you will need to know.

The invisible aligners you will be offered are removable. Dentists, however, recommend that patients should wear them for 20-22 hours on an everyday basis. You will also have the trays changed once in every two weeks where the progress of treatment will be evaluated. It pays to prepare yourself for some slight discomfort because the trays will feel a bit tight, especially during the first days after they are issued. Fortunately, using Invisalign is painless.

Once you begin wearing your invisible trays, you will always have to carry a travel toothbrush. Dentists recommend that patients should remove the trays when eating and then brush away the food residue on their teeth before wearing them again. You may therefore want to invest in a discrete travel toothbrush before you begin treatment.

If you want a discreet method of correcting dental alignment imperfections, then letting your aligners get stained may not work in your best interests. This is perhaps the reason why most dentists will recommend a change in diets. For instance, coffee can stain the trays and you may want to avoid the beverage. If this is not an option, remove the aligners before you have your drink and brush your teeth, then use a quality mouthwash before wearing the trays again.

The length of Invisalign treatments may depend on a variety of factors. They include the current state of your dental and also how diligently you strive to wear the trays as per the recommendations of your dentist. On average, treatment should take not more than one year. Your dentist would, however, assess your unique situation before informing you how long it may take to perfect your smile.

It goes without saying that treatment will be worth it. Even with all the trivial inconveniences, you will in the end pat yourself on the back for beginning the journey of perfecting your smile. Fortunately, because your aligners are invisible you can discreetly battle with the minor issues without having to feel self-conscious.

Before you get your clear aligners, your dentist has to scan your teeth using an intraoral camera. This will allow him or her to take accurate measurements of your teeth and this information will be used to create the series of aligners that you will use to straighten your dental. It takes having an outstanding skill set for any specialist to provide reliable orthodontic care.

The hunt for the best Invisalign specialists can be challenging. It pays to consult with different dentists before choosing where to book an appointment. The right expert ought to be certified, seasoned and well reputed. Start your hunt online and also seek recommendations from family and friends.

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