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Facts About Burmese Hair Extensions

By Frank Thompson

There are several different styles of Remy and synthetic hair extensions alike. The major styles include tape-in, fusion and pre-bonded, weaves, wigs and hair pieces, clip-ins, and microlink extensions. Tape-ins are installed by gluing or taping them on the head. They are manufactured while already pre-taped. Aligning is done to the base of the head and a special tool is used for heating the glue used. This is worth knowing about Burmese Hair Extensions.

The hairs may be reinstalled or removed once the glues get loose. Time spent on the installation of tape-in is about an hour. Also, the extensions if not damaged after the first use can be re-used. Application of hair products must be done with care since they can loosen the glue. It is common occurrence for the tape-in to slide off as a result of loose glue.

Tape-ins must be treated using special shampoos and conditioners. These products must not be too oily and they must not be too harsh to the extension too. Tape-in can be styled in any way one wants, but care must be given to the glue. In most cases, tape-ins are used as a semi-permanent solution, lasting only between 4 and 8 weeks. After this period, they can be removed and reapplied. Durability is highly dependent on maintenance and care given.

The application of weaves involves weaving the hair on the head into a corn row first. The extensions are then attached to this corn row by use of needle and thread. Given the manner in which weaves are applied, they are more suitable for people with more natural hairs. The process is long and results in the head feeling heavy and uncomfortable. This makes weaves not to work well with lighter and thinner hairs.

The popularity of weaves is very high because they give permanent results. Literally sewing the extension to the head makes them not to come off easily. However, this method causes pain to the person and it is also very hard to master. Experience and skill are key to producing good results. Maintenance involves moisturizing the edges, nape, and scalp using deep conditioning products.

Unfortunately, weaves damage and weaken hairs. But these effects can be minimized if one washes their hair regularly with a special protein shampoo. The styling of sewn-in extensions is done according to preference and taste. It is recommended that they last between 6 and 8 weeks, although they can last longer. They tend to hinder hair growth in addition to damaging it. As such, they must not stay for longer on the head.

Fusion hair products are installed by bonding them to natural hairs on the head. The bonding is done using various adhesives such as glue. The hairdresser can take up to 4 hours to complete the job. People with damaged hairs should not go for this kind of extension because it also damages natural hairs a lot.

A machine similar to a hot glue gun is used in the application. It glues the strands of the extension into the hairs. It is worth noting that scalp irritation occurs due to chemical composition of the glue used.

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