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Easily Available Health Remedies For Hair Growth

By Ryan Evans

There is a lot that nature has to offer when it comes to beauty. For years, people have used expensive products to get lush looking hair, with some of these products laced with dangerous chemicals. Most of those who opt for commercial chemical based products are not aware that there are many safe health remedies for hair growth.

Past generations used to treat the aspect of hair loss as a matter of age. Today, there is an increasing number of individuals on a mad dash to avoid hair loss. Some of the main factors that contribute to loss include hormonal imbalance, diet, medication and stress. While many know about the bad side effects of chemical based products, there is some reluctance to resort to safer alternatives. Natural alternatives come with the benefit of safety and long lasting effects.

One of the most effective remedies is onion juice. It is a solution that has been in use for ages. Onion juice has been proven to be rich in sulfur. This naturally occurring compound boosts aids in the mass production of collagen in the tissues, resulting in rapid re growth. While the strong smell may be hard to deal with for many, all you ought to do is rinse it off after application.

Coconut milk performs pretty well in spurring growth too, with its reputation heavily pegged on its historical use in skincare. It has an incredible amount of potassium, essential fats and iron. Many beauticians regard it as the most useful product in the treatment of hair loss.

It is also easily available as all you need is a fresh coconut. Once you extract the milk, add four drops of lavender oil and a squeeze of a half cut lemon to it. Once you apply it on your scalp, let the mixture work for 4 to 5 hours before rinsing it off.

Another solution that is worthy of note is apple cider vinegar. This remedy effectively cleanses the scalp and regulates the acidity of area. Ensure you dilute the liquid using water prior to using it. For example, one liter of water is recommended for 75ml of apple cider vinegar. Also be sure to use it for your final rinsing. The solution leaves a fresh looking shine and boosts growth.

If you have been practicing beauty tips for long, you might have heard of an egg mask. This solution is proven to aid in rapid growth. Its use has been practiced all over the world for ages. Eggs normally contain lots of proteins that are essential for growth. They also have impressive amounts of zinc, sulfur, iodine, phosphorous, iron and selenium.

It is usually made by adding an olive oil teaspoonful to egg white. In case you do not have olive oil, you may use grape seed oil or honey in its place. Once mixed, the resulting paste ought to be spread on the scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes then rinse it off using cold water and some shampoo.

Other solutions found in the home include fenugreek, green tea and Indian gooseberry. They have been tested and proven over time. Above all, remember to live a stress free life.

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