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At A Walk In Clinic Tampa Patients Can Expect Basic Treatment

By Paul Bell

Developed countries boast extremely advanced medical facilities that are staffed by professionals that can perform miracles. Unfortunately, these facilities and professionals are accessible only to the affluent and those with comprehensive medical insurance. The great majority of people do not have the money to pay for top quality medical care or for the services of renowned specialist. However, at a walk in clinic Tampa patients can at least expect rudimentary medical attention.

More than eleven thousand of these facilities are distributed all over the United states. Most do not charge any fee and some charge only a very small fee. Many municipalities run free clinics. Charities and churches also operate a large number of such facilities. The majority, however, can be found inside pharmacies all over the country. Patients do not make appointments, they simply pitch up.

People without any form of medical insurance should take the trouble to familiarize themselves with the treatment facilities in their areas. Not all facilities offer the same services and one would not want to fall around looking for a treatment facility only when an emergency occurs. The majority of clinics offer only emergency treatment while others, especially those in pharmacies, offer a wider range of treatments.

Even though the services offered by these clinics are extremely limited, they remain very popular. Most people have at least one such facility within walking distance of their houses. Many of them are free and those that charge a fee ask for only a nominal sum. The clinics do not discriminate in any way. Anyone can ask for and receive treatment and most clinics are open twenty four seven.

Critics say that these clinics do more harm than good. They point out that because patients cannot make appointments, they are often forced to wait for hours before they are helped. The sheer number of patients visiting clinics is also a problem because health workers simply do not have much time to spend with each clinic. Critics say this causes the clinics to operate like processing plants.

Most clinics are woefully short of vital resources and very few of them have a doctor on board. This has a serious negative effect upon the quality of care received by patients. Most clinics are managed by a nursing practitioner that cannot make diagnoses and that are not authorized to prescribe medication. The result is that most clinics simply treat the symptoms only.

Critics point out that most professional medical practitioners rely heavily on the medical records and histories of their patients. These records make diagnoses and treatment much easier and it helps doctors to avoid mistakes such as prescribing medication that caused an adverse effect in the past. Free clinics do not keep medical histories and each patients is seen as if for the first time.

Health problems can have a serious impact on the ability of a person to enjoy life, to earn a living and to make a positive contribution to society. It is sad that so many millions of people are denied proper medical care. Hopefully the day will come when expenditure on medical care will at least equal the vast budgets spent on arms and international relations.

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