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Info On Why Do I Have Tennis Elbow If I Dont Play Tennis

By Cynthia Ward

Lateral epicondylalgia which is commonly known as tennis elbow is a condition which used to affect players who mainly use they hands but this condition has the ability of affecting any particular individual who might be overusing his muscles which tends to extend the wrist. The particular muscles usually originate from the outer parts of the elbow and extend to the hand. There are various things associated with why do I have tennis elbow if I dont play tennis.

This sort of pain is basically caused by some sort of repetitive movements which strains the muscles together with the tendons around the outside parts of an individual arm. It is inconvenient and extremely painful although the condition is treatable. This kind of condition is also known as literal Epicondylitis which tends to greatly affect hand muscles, forearm and the arm.

The condition usually pops in gradually although it can be sudden in case of a trauma or even an accident. This condition greatly affects both the muscles together with the tendons in the arm which actually connects to the outside area of a human elbow. It basically affects an arm which is dominant as this arm is used mostly.

Another factor which might lead to such pain is poor posture on the wrist. In the instances when the keyboard is elevated at a higher position, the muscles which extend to the wrist tends to be shortened which makes it harder for such muscles to function normally. Extended hours of working with your computer can also cause such kind of a pain.

The brace helps in minimizing the pain together with the swelling at a faster rate when compared to when you could have tried to limit the use of the elbow. There are several options for bracing which therefore compels an individual to be keen during the selection process. This is basically one method of relieving this kind of pain since ice stretch together with massage can be used.

In reality majority of individuals who suffer from such condition are individuals who do not play any game compared to the active players. Several conditions can cause this kind of a pain although it tends to be extremely different from other types of pain which therefore makes its diagnosis to be easy.

Sometimes an individual might experience stiffness especially on the elbow as well as on the neck although this is occasional. Mobilizing both the neck together with the elbow is an essential procedure since it aids in relieving any kind of restrictions which is important in a condition such a this.

This kind of pain requires a professional treatment either from a physical therapist or from a doctor who has the ability of correcting such a problem. The main aim of the treatment is to effectively reduce the inflammation together with the pain experienced on the arm. The treatment also aims at reducing the activities which might be causing the stress to the arm.

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