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Using A Sun Tan Spray Booth

By Haywood Hunter

In the 1960s health authorities made the public aware that exposure to the skin could result in skin cancer. Because of this announcement spray on tanning became immensely popular. The majority of beauty salons have a sun tan spray booth you can use in order to get a natural and even looking all over the body tan.

The better tanning sprays contain DHA, which causes a chemical reaction on the skin instead of staining or affect the skins pigmentation. DHA reacts with the top layer of skin, which makes it darker like a sun tan or a visit to a solarium.

Before going into the spray tanning booth there are number of steps that are worth taking in order to get the best results, and a more even and natural looking tan. The salon should be able to help you with these steps

Before tanning it is extremely important that the skin on your body is fully exfoliated. This is because the skin will have areas that contain flaking dead skin cells that are due to fall off. Because DHA causes a chemical reaction with dead skin cells the tan will look uneven once these cells fall off. You can exfoliate in the shower and concentrate on areas such as the back of the legs, ankles, elbows, feet and other area where dead skin builds up.

Once your body is fully exfoliated the skin should be rehydrated. A moisturizing solution should be available at the beauty salon, which is the best way to rehydrate your skin. Moisturizing also helps the tan sit better and look more natural and even. It is also good for the skin. It is advisable to moisturize on a regular basis in between each tanning session.

Most people prefer not to wear clothing inside the booth so that they get an all over the body tan. Some people prefer to wear underwear; however, they could become stained during the spraying process. You do not need to worry if the spray gets into the eyes as it is not an irritant to the eyes or to any other area of the body.

During the spraying process you will naturally not try not to inhale the chemical, but it is perfectly harmless if ingested. DHA can be ingested in moderate amounts without any problems. In fact DHA is less toxic than aspirin, caffeine and even table salt. DHA has been used as a dietary supplement in the past and it is totally non carcinogenic.

The hair does not need to be covered either, as DHA does not affect hair follicles, although some people prefer to wear a shower cap just in case. After the tan is complete it is just a simple case of towel drying, this will not cause streaks on the tan and any solution on the towel is just excess. After toweling dry you can put on your clothes; they will not be affected by the solution. Within a couple of days you can enjoy a natural looking and even tan all over your body. A tan will last for several days, so it is recommended to return after five days to top up the tan at the sun tan spray booth.

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