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Reasons To Consider Applying A Suntan Spray

By Haywood Hunter

For many years, people who wanted to get a nice bronzed look went out and laid in the sun. While this works for the most part, it also makes you vulnerable to a number of skin conditions related to excess sun exposure. Some of them are merely annoying, while others can prove fatal. Combined, they make up the reasons to considering using a suntan spray.

In current news, skin cancer due to excess sun exposure is a popular subject. Scientists have recognized that extended exposure to UV light, which is a non-visible component of sunlight, can cause mutations in cellular DNA. Because the skin is the most exposed to the sun, it is the most affected. These cells, which grow in an abnormal manner due to the mutations caused by sunlight, are cancer.

Because UV light does not penetrate through the skin, it does not generally cause cancers other than those of the skin. Many skin cancer patients are relatively lucky and only develop small cancerous lesions which do not spread and are easily removed. However, one of the types of skin cancer, melanoma, is one of the deadliest cancers that exists.

Besides the potential dangers to your health, excess sun exposure can also cause more benign unwanted side effects. Two of these include premature wrinkles, and age spots. Both are associated with getting too much sun, although they may not show up until years later.

Avoiding excess sun exposure is one of the easiest ways to safeguard your health. Use a light moisturizer with sunscreen in it, and makeup with an SPF of at least 15 on days when you will be going outside at all. Apply a sunscreen with a higher SPF for days during which you will spend many hours in the sun. Wear protective clothes, including hats, long sleeves, and more.

One mistake that some people make is assuming that because they rarely sunburn, they are safe from the other ill effects of the sun. In reality, sunburn is a topical condition that is painful in the short-term, but does no lasting damage. Permanent consequences occur in the skin cells that are not necessarily burned.

Using a suntan spray is a great way to look good and still keep yourself healthy. Modern sprays no longer leave orange stripes or turn people bizarre colors, and can be used by almost anyone. Shades exist for a variety of realistic-looking colors, including those that gradually get darker like a tan would. Safeguard your health - use a tanner.

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