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Finding Out The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self Tanner Application

By Haywood Hunter

Self tanner applied topically come in lotion, cream and spray form. It is formulated to darken the skin and give the user a bronzed complexion, without exposure to UV rays that cause an increase in melanin. Application does not involve production of more pigment. What makes it work is the main ingredient which is capable of browning the skin's topmost layer.

Thanks to the advantages offered by the use of a self tanner, it's highly popular today. Those who prefer to apply self tanner solutions at home are people who like to skip staying under the sun just to sport a deep complexion. According to the experts, UV light is a class one type of carcinogen, and it can considerably increase the odds of skin cancer formation.

Further, it's no secret that UV rays can cause aging signs to show up prematurely. The face most especially is prone to ending up with unsightly fine lines, wrinkles, liver spots, hyper-pigmentation, and a leathery texture. Self tanner application eliminates the need for a person to sunbathe just to have a sun-kissed glow, saving him or her from those cosmetic issues.

Preferring to use a tanning bed instead of sunbathing isn't really a great idea. The lamps installed in such type of device also emit the same type of radiation that comes from the sun. Inside a spray booth, it's not unlikely for the person to inhale some of the mist delivered. The fact is the tanning ingredient that it has is approved by the US FDA for topical use only.

Regardless of the month of the year, using a self tanner enables you to be seen having a lovely skin color. You will begin to notice a change in complexion 3-5 hours after the application of a spray, cream or lotion self tanner. Wait until 24-72 hours had passed because that's how long it takes for the self tanner you have applied to achieve the darkest shade possible.

Going for self tanner solutions for home use is definitely cheaper than paying your local tanning salon a visit. It's a clear proof that looking wonderful doesn't have to leave you penniless. Whenever you feel like having a confidence boost by darkening the skin, simply grab the container of your chosen brand and apply. There is no need to set up an appointment at the salon, or wait for everyone else to finish using the available spray tanning booth or tanning bed.

However, using self tanner products doesn't come without a few cons. It's possible for you to end up with a streaky color result, revealing to all that what you have is a fake tan. Carefully following the recommendations stated on the packaging can help minimize the appearance of streaks, giving no one an idea that what you have used is simply a self tanner.

Further, self tanner at-home solutions are not cut from the same cloth. While some of them may deliver amazing results, there are also those that may leave you frustrated. Especially if it's your first time to try your hands on this kind of product, spend time to reading as many unbiased online reviews as you can before buying one to help you enjoy a natural-looking result.

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