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Recommended Natural Dry Skin Treatment

By Jeffrey Murray

Dry skin is flaky and itchy, calling for quick relief using methods that will not damage it at all. Science has confirmed that remedy for dryness does not necessarily lie in what you eat. The lotions, oils and creams applied determine appearance. The cloths you wear, air around and methods of cleaning have an impact. Just as people react to situations, skins react to food and substances applied. As such, dry skin treatment takes an individual approach. Here are options you should consider.

Avoid the hot shower and replace it with a warm one. The shower melts away natural oil on the surface. The oil is meant to be a barrier aimed at keeping the moisture in. The surface will therefore be supple, soft and most. Even after choosing warm water, ensure that your shower takes a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes. It will preserve the integrity of the barrier, that is usually made of natural oils.

Clean your skin gently and use recommended products. The promises made by some bathing creams are only meant to capture your attention. Fragrances and additives should be avoided because of the damage they cause. Deodorants and antibacterial additions will react leaving your face looking rough and scaly. Products made of alcohol and used as astringents, peels and toners will also cause dryness in the long run.

Be careful with the shave. In the process of removing unwanted hair, you take off with skin oil. It is advisable that you shave after a shower because the hairs are pliable and soft. Shaving should be in the direction your hair grows. The razor used should also be sharp enough. Blunt blades cause irritation to the skin.

Take care of your body during the hot season. The hot and windy weather will leave the surface scaly and wrinkled. Ensure that you use sunscreens and cover all parts using light clothing. Covering is meant to prevent lose of moisture. There are lip balms for lips with sunscreens covering the other areas. A natural option is to use a long sleeved shirt. The eyes, neck and ears also need to be covered.

Follow the recommended rules of moisturizing. Some of the products recommended are petroleum based jellies. You may also use mineral oils, lotions and creams that will not cause damage. You may also consider glycerin, stearic acid, shea butter and ceramides, among others. They work by providing cover and replenish the moisture barrier that exists naturally. When using sunscreens, ensure that SPF rating is 30 and above.

Eat food that is healthy for your skin. Processed foods contain chemicals that are likely to cause damage other than heal the coat. Some of the natural foods recommended include olive oil, pumpkins and papayas. You should also consider honey for incredible results.

Whenever you feel dry, you should interpret that to mean reduced liquid in the body. Water and enough liquids count as sufficient inside-out solutions to dryness. Re-hydrate as much as possible especially during dry and windy conditions. You should also avoid a lot of stress and fatigue because it will show on the surface. Fruits are an excellent remedy to dryness.

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