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Reasons To See Your TMJ Dentist Atlanta

By Brenda Ellis

The joint located below the ear and the side of the head can become injured, misaligned, lack muscle support or degenerate causing pain, cramping and clicking noises when opening and closing your mouth. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ is a painful condition requiring immediate assessment and specific treatment with the onset of symptoms. Meeting with a TMJ dentist Atlanta patients can learn about management strategies and pain relief options.

When the jaw is injured, becomes misaligned or is affected by strained muscles it will become painful and increasingly difficult to move. The muscles attached to the joint aim to improve its functionality and maintain balance, but when damaged and strained, the muscles swell and compress surrounding nerves. Swollen and strained muscles impact the health of the nerves and the condition of the rest of the body.

It is not uncommon to experience the symptoms of TMJ and knowing what to look for can help you receive the correct standard of care in the shortest time. The most obvious sign of jawbone problems is pain and loud clicking sounds in the joint while eating, speaking or yawning. Other symptoms involve discomfort in the head, ears, neck and down into the lumbar region.

Patients who experience the negative impact of this disorder commonly encounter toothache as the teeth grind and clench increasing pressure and strain. The occurrence of Bruxism involving the grinding of teeth can degrade the teeth and cause costly and complex problems. If the enamel is compromised and teeth become highly sensitive, additional produce is needed to correct these dental problems.

If you wish to manage TMJ, you need to rely on the assistance of an experienced and specialist practitioner offering alternative oral care. Consultation with your dentist can help address poor operation and detect the source for symptoms. With reliance on the correct oral healthcare strategies, Implementing the correct procedure and discovering the best management techniques for the disorder can help reduce the experience of severe pain and related symptoms.

For patients who experience toothache and constant clenching or grinding of teeth, a custom oral plate or guard is created to be worn at night. The appliance is designed to keep the jaw in the correct aligned position while protecting the teeth against further grinding. It is a great way to minimize pain and sensitivity in the oral cavity and best achieved using non-invasive means of enhancement.

An X-ray of the jaw and alignment of teeth is needed to help restore balance and protect the teeth against further deterioration. The dentist can determine whether the back teeth are problematic causing the poorly aligned jaw or whether the joint itself has degenerated and requires extra support. The practitioner may advise on stress relief and oral exercises to strengthen supporting muscles and the jawbone joint.

TMJ requires assistance from a qualified and experienced healthcare provider who can advise on corrective treatment and the long term management of this condition. An oral plan is created to improve individual alignment and prevent teeth from becoming worn during grinding and clenching. With the options provided by a TMJ dentist, relief from symptoms can be achieved and the cavities protected from additional damage and deterioration.

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