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Essential Information On Custom Shoe Lifts

By Debra Young

Some people have leg length differences which are large enough that they cannot adapt from it and causing ill effects to them. Samples of these effects are lower back or sacroiliac pain and knee, hip or foot problems. The discrepancy may be caused by uneven growth, hip surgery, broken leg bones, diseases like polio and in compensating for other problems such as spinal and pelvic scoliosis.

Shoe lifts could treat them which are inserts for shoes that are firm and adds length in the shorter leg in having a better balanced lower body. Companies are there that manufactures these custom shoe lifts for having the exact height needed possible. These are commonly internal ones but external ones are available which depends on the difference on length.

Wearing them can make each of the shoe feel differently due to some lifts having cushions while shoes normally does not have cushions. It is important to have long term comfort as well as minimum foot stress because they would usually be permanently needed. If possible, have the same elevation across all your shoes that you regularly wear.

Half an inch is the maximum elevation generally accepted for use without the stability being affected when worn. The style, fit and size of your shoes would affect the maximum height usable on them with laced ones permitting more. Because of this, more than one type of lift will be needed for the different footwear you have.

When the compensation required is more than the maximum half an inch, this must be externally added at the heels and the soles. Your foot would have lower stress including your lower leg and external and internal additions are recommended for higher lifts. Though remember to begin small and increase slowly with the height you need for better adapting of your body.

The ideal height specifically needed by you is determined by experimenting for a long time because the minor difference matters. These could improve shoe comfort plus other effects which the leg length differences have on you. Do this by changing slightly the lift elevation then observe their effects for some days or weeks.

Often they recommend to start with wearing half of your measured difference in leg length but this must based in how long this discrepancy existed. Start small and slowly increase to your needs if this existed for many years now. But if the change is just recent then having full elevation is suggested for minimizing adaptive changes.

Using shoe lifts need the involvement of health care professional because aside from being a personal decision, this is also a medical one. They are vital in evaluating your needs then monitoring the results when wearing these things. More problems may arise when they are not involved because of your lack of knowledge.

When wearing them during active sports like running, golf, tennis or dancing then use a firm one because this is mandatory. They should not make additional foot motion and compress under pressure so that you will still have good control and good support. When a wrong one is used, the risk of sprains and falls increases.

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