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Chiropractic Methods Provide Auto Accident Relief Tallahassee

By Darcy Gautreau

The human neck is comprised of vertebral bones set in a flexible column and capable of supporting the full weight of an individual's head. It has a particular susceptibility to mobility limiting injuries and detrimental conditions like degenerative disc disease and infections. When damage is done to the ligaments, soft tissue, muscles, or tendons in this area - especially in vehicular collisions - pain can manifest. There are several chiropractic techniques designed to deliver auto accident relief Tallahassee.

Nerve Compression

Messages are sent throughout the body by nerves that extend from the brain and spinal chord. When these nerves are compressed, pain is sent to the body as a warning sign. One of the most common causes of nerve compression is repetitive motions such as folding an arm and sleeping on it or holding the body in one position for an extended amount of time. When nerves are compressed between tissues such as bone, tendons and ligaments, the pressure may radiate down the neck and down the spine causing back pain.

Chronic Diseases

Certain chronic conditions - many typically linked to age related bone degeneration - can be quite painful. Extreme discomfort and stiffness are symptoms most of them share. As an example, intense aches radiating through one's arms, popping and cracking of the neck, and sleep disruptions, are associated with Cervical Spondylosis. Affecting weakened joints and muscle tissue make Arthritis a disease which delivers great pains.

Strained Muscles

Neck muscles can become strained from poor posture activities such as using the computer or looking down at a smartphone. This pain may also develop when one drives or sits for prolonged times or even when one habitually grinds their teeth while sleeping.

While chronic neck pain is a common condition suffered by older adults, nearly 65% of young adults ages 18 to 34 have reported chronic neck pain. Therefore, its imperative to understand the root cause of the pain and seek the assistance of a qualified Chiropractic practitioner that can assist with creating an appropriate plan of care to reduce or eliminate pain and achieve an improved quality of life.

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