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Why You Need To Visit A Tmj Dentist Atlanta

By Gary Stone

The dental system is very important as it allows our body to receive nutrients in form of food to ensure that the body operates properly. Many people notice many issues affecting the dental system example gum diseases and tooth decay but fail to note issues with the temporomandibular joint. Here are some of the reasons to warrant a visit to a Tmj Dentist Atlanta

The work of the joint is generally to control the movement of the mouth when chewing, biting and grinding food. These actions can also lead to issues with the joint especially when done incorrectly. Other factors that may affect the proper working of the joint include stress, arthritis, chewing, clenching and sudden wrong movement of the ball and socket.

As the jaw operates the opening of the mouth, the first symptom obviously will be a limited ability in operating the mouth. This is mainly felt when yawning that is opening the mouth wide. For chewing and grinding, it may not be as limited as yawning. When you yawn with the issue, the jaw locks resulting in a lot of pain. With such symptoms seek medical attention immediately.

When the joint is affected, other parts near the joint will also feel the impact of the damaged joint. Often, any issues with the joint will be communicated as pain by the other parts of the body close to the jaw. Some common areas that are painful to show symptom of a damaged temporomandibular include the shoulders, neck and area around the jaw.

Similarly, to other types of dental issues, the face also swells. Such a symptom is mainly noted with decaying teeth and infected gums. Due to this reason, practitioners will first examine all other causes of the condition and eliminate them just to confirm the condition affecting the individual. After identifying the right condition from which the patient is suffering from diagnosis is easier.

The condition also has some minor symptoms that are often ignored as many individuals claim that they are too minor or they should not raise alarm. This is very risk as it allows the condition to worsen and cause more damage. An example of a minor symptom of the condition is a tired face which is mainly attributed to a tired day at work.

The ear is a part near the jaw. It is thus also prone to being affected by malfunctioning of the joint. Often, the ear will feel some discomfort. Many will also ignore this symptom claiming that it will easily fade away. However, ear discomfort is an underlying condition of the joint issue.

For any dental conditions, the main way of identifying them earlier on and avoiding further damage is having regular dental checkups. In the checkup, the expert is able to identify any abnormal issue with your dental system and offer solutions before the condition worsens.

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