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The Many Services Of A San Mateo Chiropractic Clinic

By Paul Johnson

There are thousands of things one encounters in life that can have a negative affect on their health, bringing a range of pain. So many factors such as stress, obesity, pregnancy, injuries, disease, accidents, injuries, and repetitive movements can impact one's neural function, bone structure, or muscular strength. The natural techniques employed in a San Mateo chiropractic clinic can effectively address each of these situations.

When thinking of chiropractors, most people automatically associate them with back issues. It is true that those conditions are the leading source of business. What may surprise the masses is that hundreds of chronic pain related situations actually stem from some sort of misalignment in an individual's spine.

There are multiple ways in which the chiropractor can perform a spinal adjustment. The basic premise of this technique is that manual force is applied directly to specific points along the spine to forcibly push the vertebra back into their proper placement. This alleviates back pain by removing stress or strain that might have been placed on the nerves or muscles and restricting the individual's movement.

Based upon the specifics of an individual's situation, their personalized plan of approach could also include therapeutic massage of some type. This technique provides the benefits of easing built up tension in tissue that had been restricted, stimulating nerve function, and restoring proper blood flow that is crucial to rebuilding strength in the muscles. Each of these factors majorly contribute to speeding up the body's natural process of healing and recovery.

Headaches are the second most common ailment for which patients seek the attention of a chiropractor. These occur in dozens of different forms including, tension, cluster, stress, optical, and of course, the dreaded migraines. With so many different variations in each of the multitude of categories, the approach taken to alleviate a person's pain will depend on information gathered during diagnostic testing.

Based on the patient's specific circumstances, the doctor may find it best to begin with making adjustments to the vertebral column in order to release pressure and remove obstructions that impede one's blood blow and nerve communication to the brain. Other techniques which might also be employed could include acupressure, acupuncture, TENS, or cranial and neck massage. It may surprise one to know that most headaches actually due to spinal misalignment.

What may come as a shock to many people is that chiropractors are capable of helping patients who have pain related to obesity as well. Excess weight can affect one's general wellness, posture, spinal strength, cardiovascular health, and the ability to move about efficiently. An individual may be well on their way to becoming slimmer and healthier through approaches like exercise, dietary planning, adjustments, acupuncture, massage, and other techniques.

A complete physical diagnostic assessment will be performed for the purposes of ascertaining the source of one's pain prior to any of the approved and effective natural treatments being applied. These techniques may be applied exclusively, or they might be part of a combined total approach as dictated by the individual's unique circumstances, to attend a variety of concerns. A person's overall health can be improved, their organ function optimized, nerve communication is unimpeded, blood flows freely, and their muscles move more productively, when the skeletal frame is aligned as intended.

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