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The Four Stages Of Spinal Degeneration With A Trusted Chiropractor In Dallas GA

By Carla Bergoba

The best course of action when creating a chiropractic plan of care is to set a goal of prevention and ward off problems with your spinal health before they begin. The earlier the fight against spinal degeneration begins, the better the body will be able to heal itself. That said, here are the four phases of spinal degeneration that may be managed when visiting a chiropractor in Dallas GA for preventative care.

Stage One

During this phase, an individual may experience a minor degradation such as curvature and spinal imbalance. Typically, no pain is felt during this phase, although there are areas of the spine that include the nerves and discs that begin to age at a more rapid pace. With chiropractic care, the spine can be normalized. However, without the proper care, the spine will continue to be misaligned which will lead to phase two of spinal degeneration.

The Second Stage

At this stage, disc narrowing discs have begun to cause bone deformities that reduce the width of the spinal canal, bad posture as the result of pain and discomfort as well as fatigue. Patients can also have a very limited range of motion along with stiff and achy joints, muscles and bones. Disc and bone damage might not be possible to reverse at this stage. At this time, however, many people are able to recover as the result of individualized and targeted care from a chiropractor.

Phase Three

The patient may begin to experience a loss of height and energy as well as more severe mental and physical issues that began during phase two. The potential for bone, nerve and disc damage is increased, however, a slight reversal of damage is possible and the symptoms experienced in phase two can be lessened if the patient is proactive with seeking care. Without chiropractic care, the spine can begin to fuse together.

Stage Four

During the last stage of spinal degeneration, irreversible damage will occur and severe nerve damage and scar tissue will develop. The vertebra will become fused and the patient may experience permanent neurological and bone damage. The limited range of motion experienced in phases two and three will become extremely restricted and could create further health issues.

Hope isn't lost after spinal degeneration occurs. Chiropractors can give you a deeper understanding of what you need in terms of health care while assisting you in establishing goals for yourself along with a plan to get well.

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