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Long Island Mosquito Control: What Are Larvicides?

By David Kellan

Mosquito bites are hindering, which is a given for most people. After all, as the warm weather set in, we will start to see pests like these in greater numbers. With that said, it's important to understand how these numbers can be managed. Did you know that larvicides exist for this reason? If you're unfamiliar with larvicides, the following Long Island mosquito control information should help to expand your understanding of the matter.

As the likes of Alternative Earthcare will tell you, larvicides are very similar to the insecticides that you've heard about. However, larvicides are different in the sense that they're only truly effective when insects are in the larval stage of life. The sooner that this particular chemical is applied, the better it will perform. The fact that it won't cause any harm to humans makes it a more worthwhile product to use.

Did you know that larvicides are mostly applied by way of aircraft? Helicopters are ideal for this purpose, seeing as how the pesticides can be dropped from tall heights, allowing them to spread across terrain of various scopes. Not only does this save time, but it ensures that every inch of land in a given area is accounted for. If you want to know about other preventive methods, mosquito control Long Island specialists will be able to help.

Even though there are various specialists you can get in touch with, you can take precautions of your own as well. One of the best ways to reduce the risk of mosquito bites is by wearing enough clothing. Long-sleeved shirts and pants are ideal, since there's a lesser chance that these insects will be able to get to your skin. It may seem like a simple precaution, but its effectiveness can't be ignored, regardless of where you reside.

Hopefully this information will help you better understand how to control mosquito infestations on your property. Larvicides are nothing short of worthwhile, but it's important that they are used by trusted professionals. They'll know the safest measures to take, not to mention the right products that will benefit people the most. The more that you know about larvicides in general, the easier it'll be for you to get the help you need.

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