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Important Information On Cataract Surgery San Antonio Tx

By Betty Gibson

A cataract is a condition of the eyes and involves the clouding of the natural lens that lies behind the pupil and the iris. Cataracts are usually a common cause of lost vision in people above 40 years. However, you can have cataract surgery San Antonio tx for the treatment of this condition. The surgical procedure involves removing the lens and replacing it with an artificial lens.

Usually, having a healthy eyesight involves having clear lenses. Clouded lenses that in turn affects sight is usually an indication of cataracts. In ideal situations, lenses direct light entering the eyes to the retinal organ and allows the creation of clear, non distorted images. Nevertheless, clouding of lenses will result in image distortions apart from also causing blurred vision. The condition is largely gradual and will come about as a person ages. Some cases may however be rapid and even affect your two ayes and not just a single eye.

Generally, the cause of cataracts is not known. However, most cataracts seem to be caused by the change in protein structure in the natural lens that happens over many years causing the lens to become cloudy. In rare cases, this condition may be present at birth or in the early years of a child due to hereditary enzyme defects, genetic diseases, as well as systemic congenital infections.

Other causes that may lead to rapid development of cataracts are such as eye surgery, severe eye trauma, and intraocular inflammation. There are also other factors that may lead to the development of this condition earlier in age such as exposure to excessive UV light, ionizing radiation exposure, smoking, diabetes or using some medications such as inhaled, oral, and topical steroids.

Cataracts are usually characterized by double and blurred vision, an appearance of glares and halos, as well as problem driving at night. However, cataract surgery to correct the condition offers several benefits. The first benefit is that the surgical procedure improves the quality of life of the patient. Since the development of this condition is gradual, you also gradually stop undertaking some of your enjoyable activities such as reading or driving at night. As a result, cataracts may contribute to anxiety and depression. After the surgery, however, you are able to resume your activities, hence improving your quality of life.

The other benefit of surgical treatment of cataracts in San Antonio TX is that the risk of falls and fractures is reduced. One of the common cause of falls is loss of vision. Falls can be dangerous and fatal, particularly in older people. After the procedure, however, the risk of falls is minimized as better vision is restored.

On the other hand, cataracts may be prevented. Despite the controversy on whether this condition can be prevented, some studies have indicated that some nutrients, as well as nutritional supplements, can lower the risk of this condition. Therefore, intakes of diets higher in vitamin E, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids lutein can reduce the risk of cataracts.

Though success rates to surgical procedures remain largely high, various dangers remain attributable to the procedure. These are for instance bleeding of your eyes, retina swellings, infections, vision loss as well as detached retina.

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