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How To Take Care Of The Signs Of Menopause Roanoke

By Christopher Long

Signs of the Menopause Process. Some of the more common issues women will experience are: Tenderness in the breasts, increase or decrease in headaches, water retention, anxiety, hot flashes and terrible night sweats, fast heart rate, unexplained weight gain, dizziness, bouts of depression, hair loss which may include all areas that hair normally grows, unsightly facial hair, problems concentrating, vaginal dryness and brittle bones. Certain blood tests may help to diagnose signs of menopause Roanoke and its symptoms.

Some women also go through a sudden onset of surgical induced menopause if they have a hysterectomy or any other medical procedure that limits the flow of blood to the ovaries. This menopausal experience can be more dramatic since hormonal changes happen very quickly rather than over the course of many years.

If you do not exercise regularly you can either start with a simple 15 to 30 minute per day program or just add more physical activity into your daily habits. There are many ways this can be done. If practical use the stairs instead of taking the elevator, if you are baking bread, knead the dough by hand instead of using a machine.

You can probably already relate to mood swings if you suffer or have suffered from PMS. Caused by fluctuating levels of the hormones in your body that regulate mood and emotions, mood swings can become more frequent and more intense during menopause. You may experience sudden and drastic shifts in your mood and an over-reaction to certain situations or people.

Heavy bleeding and irregular periods commonly occur during peri-menopause, which generally begins 4-5 years before your periods finally stop. Fluctuating hormone levels are the major cause of this symptom, which can be very disruptive due to the constant anxiety of having to change your pad or tampon and having to avoid certain social or sporting activities.

Start taking natural herbal supplements as soon as you experience the symptoms of perimenopause. These supplements taken twice per day have been developed to relieve you from all of the known symptoms. Not only are they the safest way to treat your symptoms, they are also much cheaper than the hormone replacement therapies that do come with a risk to your health.

Some of the women also notice that there are increased levels of stress, anxiety and a sudden anger. A lot of them may feel isolated or deserted as they get more emotional. Another of the early signs is the facing of memory loss in some of the women.

Whatever technique or treatment you choose to manage your early symptoms, make sure to get proper medical guidance. Together with your doctor, you can stay healthy and overcome this trying time in your life. It is helpful to be aware of changes related to menopause since it can sometimes be mistaken for other physical conditions.

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