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How Chiropractic Care Supports Your Immune System With A Chiropractor In Las Vegas

By Guy Lobdell

Most people recognize chiropractic care as being able to resolve back and neck pain. One lesser-known advantage that chiropractic therapies can provide, however, is a more robust immune system. In order for the human body to function at optimal levels, the immune system must in top condition and able to fight off serious problems like bacterial or viral infections and other threats. This can be accomplished through chiropractic care.

Responsible for controlling the nervous system, the immune system can become stressed when misalignments occur on the bones in the spine, causing pressure on the nerves and spinal cord. Organs designed to protect the body such as the lymph notes, spleen and thymus communicate with and are controlled by the brain by interconnected nerve endings.

The way in which the body responds to prospective exposures is determined by both the brain and the immune system. The name of this response is homeostasis. The body can be increasingly prone to illness, infection and viruses if the nervous system stops functioning like it should.

Lowered immunity can also cause additional problems like diabetes, some forms of cancer and allergies among many other things.

When chiropractors make adjustments to a misaligned spine, these can correct abnormalities and improve overall functioning, which will in turn have a direct and very positive impact on immune functioning. Studies performed in a clinical setting have revealed that even a 10 to 15-minute chiropractic adjustment can boost counts of white blood cells and generate more antibodies within the individual's blood stream, which will together allow the body to respond much faster to threats of illness or infection.

Finally, working with a reputable, local chiropractor in Las Vegas to arrive at the right nutritional plan can be very helpful when used in conjunction with adjustment therapies. With the proper dietary supplements, it is possible to further enhance the immune system so that the body is better able to defend itself from outside bacterial and viral invaders along with many other threats.

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