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Get To Know About Lasik San Antonio TX

By Betty Lewis

As a general rule, the more surgeon-patient interaction there is, the higher the cost. The reason is that lower fees require that many more patients need to be treated in order to generate the same level of income as fewer patients at a higher fee. Some discount LASIK providers increase patient volume by passing on some responsibilities to ancillary personnel. Unfortunately, these non-physician providers may not be qualified to make decisions as to the appropriateness of LASIK or recognize abnormalities. With this in mind, you are better of trusting certified lasik San Antonio TX practitioners.

The actual surgery takes about five minutes, and patients are awake for it. After your eyes are numbed with drops, the surgeon performs the following three major steps: Creates a thin, contact lens-shaped flap in the cornea using a small blade called a microkeratome or a laser.

According to the FDA, LASIK candidates must be 18 to have vision correction surgery. There is really no age that makes someone too old to have LASIK. There are of course eye issues that come with age that may make an older person a non-candidate. For example, if someone has cataracts, the cataract must first be handled prior to considering this laser eye surgery. Stability also remains a key determining factor for this laser eye surgery. If an older person wishes to have their distance and reading vision corrected, both need to be stable before going forward with vision correction surgery.

The exact length of "recovery time" is patient dependent and during your consultation, your surgeon should be able to set a reasonable expectation. Typically, patients are able to return to their normal daily activities the next day with some restrictions around swimming, contact sports and activities of that nature.

There are several different manufacturers of flap making devices and lasers to perform the procedure all with varied prices and associated costs. Traditionally the flap is made with an instrument with a blade called a microkeratome.

You can sometimes figure this out by reading their websites carefully. You will often find such information on the bottom of a facility's home page. You are likely to learn only those with low prescriptions and zero astigmatism qualify for the low price.

An all-laser IntraLase laser eye surgery or blade-free laser eye surgery procedure is safer and more precise than a standard laser eye surgery but costs more. A wave-front guided procedure or Custom-Vue procedure costs more than a wavefront-optimized procedure which, in-turn, costs more than a conventional laser eye surgery. The more expensive techniques tend to give a higher likelihood of spectacle independence. Lower risk of needing enhancements and fewer side-effects such as night-time driving difficulties.

Patients should not shortchange themselves by shopping for the lowest price. It is a good option for people with too little corneal tissue to make a good LASIK flap.This is an investment which pays for itself many times over compared to the costs of years of glasses and contact lenses. Take the time to do your research. The dividends can mean a lifetime of clear comfortable vision.

THe Procedure is available throughout the United States, so it's important to choose a surgeon carefully. To make sure your eyes are in the best hands, consult a surgeon (such as a San Antonio TX LASIK surgeon) who performs the procedure frequently and has an excellent track record of success with few complications.

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