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Find The Right Lasik Eye Surgery San Antonio TX

By Ruth Stewart

The most common question potential LASIK patients ask is "how much does it cost?" Patients in the initial phases of exploration often times assume that laser vision correction is LASIK and that a reasonable way of choosing a Lasik Eye Surgery San Antonio TX provider is to inquire about the price.

When researching LASIK surgery, many people ask the questions, "Do I have to keep my eye perfectly still?" and "How am I supposed to keep my eye open?" At Providence Eye, we use cutting-edge technologies that track patients' eyes with multiple infra-red cameras at a rate of 400 frames per second. When it comes to keeping someone's eyes open during LASIK, your eye care doctor will place numbing drops in your eyes, eliminating the urge to blink. A small device is the placed around the eye to keep it open throughout the procedure.

Chances are, you'll also look much better after laser vision correction. This is because you won't have to hide your eyes behind cumbersome glasses anymore. You won't have to worry about contact lens irritation and unwanted tears either. Instead, you'll be able to look confidently at the camera and smile for the most beautiful wedding pictures possible.

You'll appreciate your wedding photos later when you realize that the wedding was over seemingly in an instant, but your wedding pictures will stay with you for the rest of your life. While the cost, during the first years the technology was introduced, was a bit intimidating for the average earner, the popularity and demand of the said vision correction treatment helped make laser vision correction more competitive.

Declining costs have made laser vision correction a popular option during the past few years. The other reasons for the popularity of laser vision correction include the easiness of the process, the short recovery period and the higher success rate compared to other options of vision surgery. In fact, this is the safest of all the vision correction surgeries.

You may consider the cost to be somewhat higher. However, the benefits of Laser vision correction outweigh this cost. Imagine how you will feel about yourself without bulky, thick glasses. Now you will have not to worry about the extra expenses of contact lenses, eyeglasses or saline solutions.

The cost can be tied to the depth of attention your vision correction surgeon provides you. The surgeons who take the time to spend with each patient and focus on each individual see fewer patients than those who rush and do not provide individualized care. Many facilities do not offer a face-to-face meeting with your surgeon until procedure day.

It is important to find one who does. Being examined by a surgeon during the consultation is critical to ensure you are an ideal candidate. About 20% of patients are not an ideal candidate and could have detrimental side effects if they were to go forward with unknowingly. Additionally, not meeting your surgeon in advance can result in additional anxiety, increased fear, and uncertainty.

When visiting a surgeon to see if you are a worthy candidate for vision correction surgery, be sure to ask details surrounding what kind of technology they use, how long they've used it in their facility and their post-op satisfaction rate.

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