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Factors That Limit Open Access Of Internal Medicine

By Ruth Reynolds

These days there is continuous discussion on how to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare. The most neglected and important ways to improve our health sector delivery and innovation is by open access to internal medicine. Furthermore, this is a free, immediate and unrestricted high quality information access way that allows a person to find information with all the rights reserved. Therefore, as a future physician, you should have information on open access of internal medicine.

It is important to educate your people so that they can acquire knowledge of health matters. Materials are the source of information. Therefore, the government should extend funds to hospitals and public universities to ensure students, physicians, and patients get the right information. When funds are not provided for by the government, the desire for people to research for solutions becomes nullified.

The gap in information accessing is even greater in private sectors where doctors and other people only engage in journals, for open accessing information due to cost restrictions on other alternative information providers. Lack of information about internal medicine may worsen the situation when people looking for this information are in remote areas. Therefore, this discourages people looking for health solutions.

Innovation is an important factor when it comes to researchers. Their main aim is to come up with best ideas that can be read through open information. This helps to improve the health sector with shared information. When researchers find free written information, they share the knowledge. They engage students and patients in getting information that serves as a common goal in finding the best medicine.

Patients have all the right to get information regarding their health. Doctors, physicians, and researchers have materials and knowledge to get the right information. However, these materials are not evenly distributed, and people may lack information on the health matters. Open access to internal medicine is costly and requires more funds. This is where the government should indulge in and support its people.

Health should be acquired equally all over the world. However, this is not possible as developed countries have more access to internal medicine information than the third world countries. Therefore, the price charged for acquiring this material is high in these developing nations than in first world countries. This brings the issue of unequal distribution of information to improve health and get medicine to assist the citizens of our country.

Public investment is very important in improving the health sector. Majority of health researches on internal medicines are funded by government institutions. Therefore, this is meant to improve medical care and innovation. However, this only happens when students, physicians, patients and researchers are fully funded by the government. Mind you, if the government is unwilling to provide funds, the health sector becomes the worst in providing services.

Having evaluated these challenges facing the health sectors in the world, it is important for governments to fund health sectors to improve the level of services given at our hospitals. Furthermore, people should invest in researches to get the right information concerning matters of health. People should try to find solutions from open access internal medicine journals, regardless of their high cost of information. Moreover, this will help in overcoming challenges facing health sector in the lack of relevant information.

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