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Essential Things To Know Regarding TMJ Treatment

By Ronald Hughes

The TMJ or temporomandibular joint connects the lower jaw to the skull bone in front of each ear of the head. This joint, which is flexible, allows the jaw to move so it can talk and chew food but if this or the connected muscles does not function properly, jaw, neck and head pain may be experienced. This is called as TMJ syndrome or disorder.

Other symptoms include stuffy ears, tooth grinding, insomnia, sensitive teeth, limited opening, and jaw clicking, popping or stiffness. Other severe ones are false migraines, facial swelling, dizziness, vertigo, and tinnitus. If you are feeling one or more of these symptoms then it is better to get a TMJ treatment Atlanta from the experts.

Before getting treated, determine the cause first because this is important in knowing the method to be used in curing the disorder faster. The cause most common among them is a bad or misaligned bite which occurs as a result of missing teeth, trauma, genetics or poor body posture. Tooth grinding also damages the teeth and dental bridges, implants and other tooth restorations are put in an undue stress.

Disk erosion happens if the cartilage disk that separates TMJ bones starts to erode or get damaged with an arthritis. Other reasons might be also the bad habit developed by people when stressed greatly such as tightening of facial or jaw muscles and teeth clenching. It can be because of allergies in your diet or blunt force trauma.

Diagnosis is done usually checking your TMJ and doing the oral exam but other doctors checks your face, head and neck as well. Their first priority on the treatment is any muscle spasms, tension and pain would be relieved. These are usually what patients feel when suffering from the syndrome even when the problem is not mainly caused by them.

Therapeutic massage is a temporary relief for some symptoms and is done by massaging the trigger point muscles on the neck, face and head. The underlying cause would not be corrected but this is a therapeutic tool important in treating your disorder. Certain supplements, vitamins and herbs are recommended also including pain relievers.

Orthodontic therapy may be an approach that can effectively help with the disorder by repositioning the teeth correctly. This will make the joints go back to its optimal alignment which reduces or eliminate even any symptoms that are ongoing. This prevents the abnormal wear and tear to the teeth when they are not aligned properly.

Oral appliance is a therapy which is considered the most effective one in treating patients of their pain. The doctor would customize one that will comfortably fit your mouth and this will hold down the lower jaw and prevent tooth grinding. This must be worn always for around two until six weeks but headache relief is felt even in the first week of wearing it.

These are the essential things you have to know regarding the treatment of this condition. This will help in getting you prepared on your expectations when you visit a specialist from Atlanta, GA. Get it immediately cured if you think that you have these symptoms.

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