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Elk Antler Pills And Things To Know About Them

By Karen McDonald

The antler is now known to have great medicinal qualities for markets that are inspired to make their products from this kind of material. A sector of the medicine making industry will use many kinds of things which can be from animals, plants or herbs which have long been in use for curing diseases and conditions. These will be items known throughout history although empirical data about these were only available in modern days.

For the modern medical establishment much of these were discredited as fake medicines in which superstition and ignorance played large parts. However, elk antler pills are back in fashion because some researchers, doctors and scientist thought it best to revisit items like these. With more advanced ways of studying the chemical ingredients and makeup.

Folks in the east though have always used them, believing in their natural healing properties and thus use them. These are things nowadays that can be marketed in any pharmacy in the Orient, and justifiably so. The markets that feature the elk products may be those found in Korea, Japan or China, and the west is fast catching up to things like these.

The best thing that can be done with these products is their use for curing or mitigating osteoarthritis, all found in the chemical combos here. Antlers are turned into powder to better access stuff like crucial proteins, chemical compounds and vitamins. When ground or powdered, these are things that can provide special proteins, acids and trace material.

Many more healthy minerals and vitamins are found. There are things like specific carbs, sulfates, prostaglandins, lipids, antioxidants, and trace minerals like phosphorous, selenium and magnesium, which actually make the product a wonder drug of sorts. It is no surprise that their use through ancient Oriental civilizations have produced much healing.

Pills like these are classified as food or dietary supplements, items for the ambient pharmacy field, which can prevent sickness or protect people especially. This part is different from the mainstream that produces many kinds of meds that help treat diseases and the like. This part of the culture of western medicine is one that responds only when a disease strikes.

Even if the west has items like these, they may not be as many or as adventurous or varied as those found in the Oriental markets. The antlers are those leading the industry here in Canada, and many others that are coursed through nations like Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Thailand. The things processed range from ocean products, to animal parts and even narcotic plants.

The world over, anything natural that has been thought to alleviate pain or sickness are things that are eagerly sought after by doctors in the east. Elks in Canada have the most sunshine, the best natural forage, and the most efficient mating and growing seasons. These make for the richest products, and their antlers are harvested when they shed.

The harvest of antlers is done humanely, farmers will not simply hack off growing antlers and will not harm the animals of their herds. Everything is related to clean and green processes here, to conserve the species while taking out great materials from them. Thus the supplements taken are clean as well as affordable for health or wellness concerns.

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