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East End Tick Control: 4 Facts About The Heartland Virus

By David Kellan

Caused by Lone Star ticks, the Heartland virus is one of the most serious conditions brought on by the aforementioned pests. Anyone that specializes in east end tick control will be able to agree, but many people don't know about the specifics. While conditions like Lyme disease are well-known, the aforementioned virus tends to fly under the radar. Here are 4 facts about the Heartland virus that should be knowledgeable of.

The earliest cases of the Heartland virus go back to 2009. Did you know that it was in Missouri that two farmers mysteriously became ill, to the point where they required weeks of hospital care to become better? It wasn't until later that specialists gave the disease that name that it's known for today. Keep in mind, though, that this is just one of many details regarding said disease that are worth learning about.

The Heartland virus might have started in Missouri, but it isn't limited to this state. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will tell you that it has been spotted in as many as 13 states on the east coast. Areas like New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Tennessee have been focused on, as far as Heartland virus evidence is concerned. When animals carry the condition in question, it's even likelier that humans can fall ill to it as well.

According to the likes of Alternative Earthcare, the Heartland virus is linked to various symptoms. The most common ones tend to be fever and lethargy, though there are others that may surface over the course of time. These include muscle pains and lack of appetite, meaning that the Heartland virus can be observed in many ways. Symptoms like these are just a few that east end tick control specialists can tell you about.

Seeing as how viruses cannot be cured through traditional means, treatment is nonexistent for the Heartland virus. With that said, there are ways for medical specialists to reduce the symptoms covered earlier. This is usually done by way of medication, which will allow the symptoms to become less severe over time. For anyone that fears the idea of contracting the Heartland virus, consulting your doctor early on is vital.

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