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Distinctive Features Of A Psychologist Beverly Hills

By Peter Phillips

Drug and substance abuse, peer pressure and lack of parental guidance pose a significant risk to the young generation. Many people get themselves stressed up, and the situation gets out of hand. When a person is unable to handle the state of affairs and feels rejected by the society, he then requires the assistance of a therapist. The following are traits that a psychologist Beverly Hills should possess.

A competent therapist is welcoming. He should be someone that the client talks to and feels that his situation has become easier to handle. The shrink should use polite language and even engage the customer in activities that involve the mind to ease his tension. He should be welcoming and hospitable while dealing with customers.

The mode of passing information to the patient should be ideal. The expert should use the knowledge learned to help him discuss the situation of patients. Vulgar language should never be utilized by the psychologist since it can cause more trauma to clients. Studying the words and body language of customers guides the shrink in the skills to employ.

A prudent therapist is empathetic. He understands the situation of his client and puts himself in their shoes. This initiates the healing process of the client since healing begins when the customer can face the worst picture of himself. It makes the customer believe that he is worth something.

Asking the customer questions demonstrates the urge to understand every detail of his problem. The questions should be borrowed from the narration of customers to help the therapist understand it. Once the customer can answer the questions, the process of healing becomes very easy. It shows that the expert was attentive to the customer.

Open mindedness is also an essential feature of a shrink. The therapist should be able to handle different kinds of clients who need different help. He should be willing to tolerate their various types of behavior to distinguish him from other members of the society who term the customers mad. He should handle every situation as independent and different from another he had earlier dealt with since individuals are distinct.

A skilled therapist must be a confidant of the patient. The therapist should not share information about customers with other people regardless of their relationship with the consumer. He should be aware that the data was meant to be between him and the customer. Disclosing it could have it reach the client who could develop an attitude never to trust the therapeutic process, and this may lead to depression.

A wise therapist writes down a plan of how to carry out their daily activities. Once patients book an appointment with them, they write up a schedule on how to attend to them. This helps to avoid any inconveniences like arriving late to work when the client has already turned up. It also helps the shrink to prepare adequately and have enough time to handle the customers.

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