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Determining The Source Of Your Leg Pain With A Chiropractor In Las Vegas

By Erika Hertol

It can be very inconvenient to experience leg pain given that this type of discomfort can make it hard to do even the most simple of tasks. The source of any pain in your legs can have any number of causes, which is why you want to speak with a reliable chiropractor who can go over your health history and the symptoms that you're experiencing in order to determine exactly where you pain is coming from. Read more to see how a trustworthy chiropractor can interpret pain in the legs and can recommend the most appropriate forms of care.

Feeling Numb And Tingling Sensations

When a patient visits with a chiropractor, a number of descriptions and symptoms may be presented. In most cases, the root cause of leg pain is not actually due to the leg, but is due to a condition in the lower back. Therefore, the interpretation of leg pain should also focus on the back, even in cases where no back pain is reported but tingling or numbness is noted by the patient.

Chronic Discomfort In The Legs

The feeling of constant pain in the legs may also be present in the buttocks area and may radiate down the leg. When this throbbing or aching pain presents itself on one side of the body, it is referred as sciatica. Mild pain can often be relieved with walking, stretching or moving around in a slow, gentle way.

Searing Pain

Patients could experience burning pain or pain that is shooting, jolting or intermittent and that radiates down the leg from the lower back, traveling into the foot. In many cases, this discomfort is called sciatica and it is the result of irritation in the nerve root of a nerve that's located in the low spine area.

Leg pain can have a variety of causes and a numbers of these are known, spinal conditions. The surest way to find a successful remedy is by having the specific source of the pain identified by a reputable profession. A trusted chiropractor in Las Vegas can issue an all-encompassing plan of care to alleviate symptoms and provide patients with relief.

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