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Dealing With Neck Pain After A Work Accident With A Chiropractor In SE Portland

By Guy Lobdell

As you work on moving forward with your life, injuries sustained while on the job can greatly diminish both your mental and physical health, as can the resulting pain. Neck pain is frequently the result of workplace injuries, especially after a slip and fall event or after some serious heavy lifting. There are currently a number of office workers who find that their work is a real pain in the neck, given that craning over their computers invariably results in neck strain.

Knowing how to deal with pain after a work accident is important for being able to recover your normal level of functioning so that you can continue to build a successful career.

Naturally, the first step toward handling a work accident is to make sure that it is reported according to your company's procedures. This ensures that you will be given proper access to medical care, and you will have the ability to make sure that you receive the correct compensation for your injury. Once you have documented your injury, you will then be examined and provided with recommendations for care.

Pain in the neck region that follows a workplace injury can have several different causes. Visiting a chiropractor in SE Portland is the ideal way to figure out exactly what is causing the pain. For example, you could have a slipped disc in your spine that is causing pain to travel through your neck.

You may have swelling and inflammation in the back or neck that has caused nerve compression. You may even find that your spine is no longer properly aligned which is why people are able to greatly benefit from chiropractic adjustments that put the discs back where they belong.

You should always get plenty of rest after you have been injured. Your chiropractor, however, will help you determine when you can safely move. You might start with something as simple as stretching the spine and you can keep performing these stretches after healing has occurred. Given that the neck is a very important part of the back, taking good care of neck injuries is vital for improving your overall comfort levels and range of motion so that you can get back to work.

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