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Cases That Require Emotional Abuse Counseling Seattle

By Paul Parker

Emotionally abused persons are those exposed to coercion, forced guilty, instilled with fear, intimidated and humiliated, among other degrading activities. It takes intervention through emotional abuse counseling Seattle to arrest the situation before it leads to worse outcomes like suicide or mental illnesses. This helps the abused person to regain self worth and confidence allowing him to confront an abuser in future should the need arise.

People likely to face abusive situations include those desperately looking for employment, immigrants, orphans, children and co-actors in crimes. The vulnerability of children and the above group emanates from their lack of full control over their lives. They are unable to make independent decisions on their lives and thus have to submit. Failure to obey would leave them homeless, hungry, or exposed in other inhumane ways.

Some of the ways to detect abuses in individuals include unexplained sleeplessness or excessive sleeping, abnormal eating habits, anxiety and depression. The victims may also begin to use drugs and isolate themselves from activities or people they used to associate with in the past. There are instances of self harm which should be treated with care and a lot of attention since the persons may escalate to suicide. A person who was abused as a child is likely to suffer in the hands of an intimate partner.

Prolonged mistreatment has a long term effect on the victim regardless of the abuser. With the assistance of a therapist in Seattle, WA, such cases can be reversed or controlled. The affected person is able to rebuild his confidence and self esteem.

Therapy is delivered using a number of techniques based on the therapist and the case at hand. Some of the methods that are professionally recommended include group therapy. Such a session allows the victim to share his experience and listen to those of others. Sharing and the experiences of other people help them to overcome their own. It also helps them to be courageous enough to face an abuser in future should the scenario demand.

Recovery from abuse takes time and requires a lot of effort on the victim and therapist. While the support and guidance of the therapist is important in the recovery process, the environment and contribution of friends are crucial. The victim also needs to maintain the best health condition possible, eat healthy meals and engage in regular exercises. Attention also needs to be on the physical and mental issues that may have developed during the abusive period.

Some people, especially couples or partners have reported failure in therapy. This is commonly attributed to adopting a blame position or where the victim of abuse fails to recognize his or her contribution. There are people who are abusive from childhood and thus might not find help in therapy. The persons involved must accept and be willing to change the situation for a solution to be found.

The credentials of the counselor you select are important if you seek a lasting solution. Whether such a therapist is experienced or specializes in such cases will determine the quality of outcome. You must work together with the counselor so that the victim shares his or her experience in order for the therapist to provide an amicable solution. It takes teamwork to achieve desired results.

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