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Affordable Methods For Head Lice Removal Washington DC

By Kenneth Kennedy

Head lice fall under the class of insects. They are small and they live close to the scalp where they feed on the blood. They also lay eggs called nits and they reproduce quickly and if the situation is not mitigated early enough can cause a menace. However, these insects can infest on people of all age and status. Therefore, it is important for people living in areas that are regularly attacked by lice to learn the basics of head lice removal Washington DC.

A hygienic environment is very important in the control of insects. They like harboring and reproducing in dirty environments and ensuring that you are clean throughout will scare them away. However, due to the interaction and contact of different people when using the same transport means lice might crawl to your body.

Lemon is used as a spice and is highly embraced by people who want to cut weight. This is made possible because of its acidity and the nice smell of the fruit. Take advantage of its bitterness and use it into killing these insects. Squeeze the juice while rolling it on the scalp twice a day. After a week or so, you will have destroyed the insects.

Mayonnaise has been proved to be a natural method of controlling lice. Apply it to your hair and cover it with a shower cap for about two hours. The mayonnaise has a thick texture, and this chokes up these harmful insects leaving them for dead because of lack of oxygen. Clean the scalp with shampoo to rinse off the mayonnaise.

Doing things naturally saves you from side effects that are experienced after using pharmaceutical drugs for a long period. Coconuts have been used for years as a source of hair gel and cooking fats. Heat the cooking oil and add some camphor powder in it. Apply the thick concussion on your scalp and cover it completely for four hours. This chokes the insects making them die.

Onions are known for adding taste to food but for people who value natural and herbal medicine understand its value. Sulfur content in the onions is very high, and this can be used in killing the lice. However, to achieve the right effect from them, chop and blend them to prepare juice that will later be applied to the skull. Always rap your head with a plastic turbine to maintain the essence of onion to suffocate the lice.

The last and effective option is a mixture of water and vinegar. Apart from being a preservative and a sweetener, vinegar has a high content of acid, and no insect can bear to live in such an environment. These tear them apart and can be a useful method of removing insects in your body.

Natural medicines are cheap and can be easily found within your locality. Find this food stuffs and use them to keep your head clean from the lice. Finally, clean the combs by boiling them in steaming water and avoid sharing it with people who are not members of your family.

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