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7 Tips For Finding A Professional Online Marathon Training Coach

By Virginia Wilson

The distance and orientation of marathons is meant to test the endurance of the body. This leaves even the experienced and professional athletes with injuries, performance plateaus, disappointment during races and lacking motivation. It is a challenge to find coaches in neighborhoods and the few who are available are expensive for a fun runner. Your best option becomes enlisting the services of an online marathon training coach.

Visit a professional society and search for the available coaches. These professional websites have a database of all trainers, their specializations, achievements, rates, availability, etc. The fact that the trainer appears there is an indication of professional accreditation and thus a guarantee of availability of professional skills. It also gives you an assurance that in case of a dispute, you have a platform to seek recourse.

Stores selling sporting gear have accredited coaches who will assist you train for the race. You will be lucky if you know of a store that sells running gear. They will recommend a trainer within your neighborhood and one whose credentials are known. In some cases, they organize sessions for their customers and clinics for marathoners. This is a perfect opportunity to extend the internet based program into a one-on-one session.

Check the school coach in your area. There are numerous coaches hired for students who will appreciate an opportunity to freelance. You will have an advantage if this is the school you went through. It means that you have established rapport and thus will have an easier relationship. Such a trainer is conversant with your goals and potential. Prior knowledge of his coaching style makes it easier to work together.

Make a wild search on the internet. Localize your search to capture your current location. Specify your goals when searching since there are professional and leisure or fitness coaches. If you will be running competitively, you will need a professional trainer who prepares you to win. This has cost implications. Otherwise, you need a person who understands your need to have fun without breaking your body.

The internet also offers materials that you can use to train offline. The materials include DVDs, audio recordings and e-books on preparing for a race. These materials have been compiled by experienced coaches and professional athletes, making them comprehensive and effective for your preparation. They come with check lists that enable you gauge your performance against other competitors or standard results.

There is a shortcut to funding a professional trainer in the form of a recommendation. This could come from a neighbor, a friend, workmate, colleague, or an acquaintance who has participated in a race. The recommendation also comes with a hint of charges and personal relation to ensure that you have a smooth experience. This is a perfect way to avoid hidden charges.

The marathon training coaches found online are also reviewed by their students and professional associations. Read these reviews to determine the best trainer. You may also check media sources for accolades given to successful programs and coaches. Training under a professional reduces the chances of injuries and makes completing the race fun and memorable.

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