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7 Steps To Build A Customized Marathon Training Plan

By Cynthia Davis

The joy of marathons is not winning unless you are a professional athlete. It lies in crossing the line and helping a worthy course. You do not want to end up in hospital for weeks yet you were only running for charity. With a customized marathon training plan you are sure to finish the race and still manage that selfie at the finish mark. Here are professional tips to follow.

Determine the date, time and situation of your upcoming race. The time you have to prepare will determine the intensity with which to train. With a longer period, you need light workout that will keep your body fit and energetic till the d-day. If the time is short, a quick workout program will do you a lot of good.

Review your daily schedule to identify the best time to train. The time marked for workout should be a period when you are most settled in body and mind. Should you train in a rush, you risk failing to pay attention to particular muscles and thus fail on the actual day. The schedule should be detailed in terms of daily, weekly and hourly basis.

To fully commit your system and time, write a schedule on paper and place it at a place where you will encounter it on regular basis. Be realistic with the schedule by ensuring that it has rest days and it factors your daily chores. You may register on daily marathon practice apps and sites where your performance will be monitored. Create a cycle of exercises where the needs of all muscles are considered.

It is impossible to train on daily basis. There are days where commitments regarding your family, work, social life, etc will interfere. Use those days to rest and regain your energy other than allow them to get to waste. This allows you to maximize on the time available for workout so as to be fit when the day comes.

Register and participate in tune-up races before your main event. This is psychological, physical and mental workout in preparation for the big day. Your performance on the charity race, fun day, anniversary run, etc will help you learn about the level of endurance the body can take. Watch the response of your body and discuss it with your coach and doctor. In case of negative response like pain, the professionals will take corrective measures.

Have a buildup plan that is different from ordinary training. It involves rest and target workouts in order to build energy reserves for the big day. The buildup is best organized with the assistance of your coach. Throughout the program, ensure that you have sufficient rest days. Monitor your health over the entire period.

To effectively train for a marathon, you must be conversant with the route. Identify climbs, flats and slops. Mark the areas you can run, jog or even walk. It helps to have a training compatriot to encourage you. Remember to eat foods that will provide you with the energy you require so much and also hydrate your body.

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