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Your Chiropractor SE Portland May Need An MRI

By Bob Albert Lewis

When you have an accident, it is highly recommended, and sometimes a necessity to get medical attention. After any kind of auto or on the job injury, many insurance companies require all that were involved see a chiropractor SE Portland or a family physician to check out what damages have occurred to your body. Many times, an MRI is ordered.

One of these times that they may want an MRI is when there is nerve damage in more than one area in the body. When nerves are damaged, they do not work properly. This often causes pain, numbness, and loss of control of certain muscles.

To state this another way, if any sensory or motor aberration radiating around your flanks or in your limbs (including foot drop, aberrant reflexes, and hyperesthesia (abnormal physical sensitivity, especially of the skin), a physician can schedule an MRI to find out if there are any space occupying lesions caused by an injury or accident that might affect your type of care. If the nerves are damaged severely enough, it may require other medical procedures to correct.

An example of this kind of injury is a herniated disc. A chiropractic doctor needs to decide whether he should start spinal adjustments. An MRI can reveal if there's enough room around the lesion to proceed or whether it's best to wait until the herniated disc naturally shrinks.

If the damage is severe enough, they will often work with doctors that specialize in different fields. Most often, the opinion of a neurologist, an orthopedic physician and sometimes even a surgeon, will help the chiropractor make a plan. This plan is based on the best way to help the patient.

Insurance companies usually require their clients to seek medical attention after any kind of accident. Car accidents and on the job accidents are two of the most common type and the insurance company usually covers one hundred percent of the costs of seeking medical advice. To find out more, do a little research online.

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