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Why More And More People Opt For Natural Mood Boosting Supplements

By Joshua Powell

Millions of people often feel depressed, anxious, sad and fatigued. Many of them have been diagnosed with various psychological disorders and use medication to help them feel better. Unfortunately, many medicines cause unpleasant side effects or even other conditions that necessitate additional medication. A world wide trend towards more natural remedies is one of the reasons why so many people now opt for mood boosting supplements from nature.

The production of remedies that make people feel less depressed, sad and anxious is a massive industry and there are thousands of products. Many people do not know which product to use and they end up jumping from one to another. The best course of action is to seek help from a reputable professional and to research authoritative sites on the internet. It is always best to consult a doctor when using any form of medicine, even natural ones.

St Johns Wort is probably the best know natural remedy for sleeping disorders, anxiety and mild depression. It is even known to lessen the symptoms of severe PMS. It is available as tablets, teas, and liquid extracts. Experts warn, however, that St Johns Wort should never be taken whilst using anti depressants, blood thinners, oral contraceptives, and medication for HIV. Side effects are rare, but users may experience fatigue and a dry mouth.

Sceletium Tortuosam is perhaps the best research natural anti depressant in the world. It is fast acting and will calm down the user and lift his spirits within thirty minutes. This miracle herb has been proven to provide relief from anxiety, fatigue and irritability. Best of all, no known side effects exist. The active ingredient is Zambrin, found exclusively in the arid areas of South Africa.

Another natural remedy that has been thoroughly researched is Rhodiola Rosea, also known as roseroot. Roseroot acts upon the nervous system and is extremely effective in helping the body to cope with stress, both physical and mental. It also provide energy and stamina while, at the same time, overcoming feelings of anxiety. It is interesting to note that this versatile remedy first became popular as an enhancer of sexual stamina.

Surprisingly, fish oil makes it to almost every list of natural remedies that is effective in enhancing the mood. This is a long term solution, however. It only becomes truly effective after using it for six months or more, but once it starts working it is highly effective in reducing anxiety and in helping patients control their emotions. Fish oil should be part of the diet and should be taken every day in doses of approximately three grams.

There are indeed a large number of natural remedies that have been proven to work. Life style experts advocate a holistic approach. Those suffering from psychological disorders should seriously consider a daily exercise regime. They should also have a good look at their diet and they should ensure that they get enough sleep. Disciplines such as yoga can also help to reduce stress and depression.

The popularity of natural remedies is showing a steady increase. People prefer to use remedies that do not cause side effects and concomitant conditions. However, it is always wise to seek medical advice before starting to take any remedy, even a natural one.

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