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What To Expect When Visiting San Diego Mediums

By Patrick Watson

When a loved one passes away, it can take years to learn to cope with that loss, especially in situations where things were left unsaid or there was no opportunity for goodbyes. A lot of people who need closure or reassurance find it comforting to speak with an individual who possesses particular psychic gifts. Before attending readings with San Diego mediums, one should be aware of a few key factors.

First thing that needs to be clarified is that a medium has psychic abilities, but actual psychics have gifts that work in a totally different way. A psychic's ability is more attuned to tapping into the energy field of an individual and picking up vibrations and intuitions around their life. A medium communicates with spirits, giving them a voice to pass messages to the living. They have no mind reading or future predicting capabilities.

Interested parties need to be aware of the fact that each medium is going to do things differently from their personality, to how their readings and demonstrations are conducted, to the way in which they receive messages. Spirits communicate by various means such as influencing emotions, auditory sensation, automatic writing, visions, and manifestations. Some of these individuals are limited to a single form of communication, while there are those who will get input by multiple methods in a single session.

Although serving as a conduit, a medium can not actually control which spirits they get to speak to in a session, what it decides to share, or how long they will remain in contact. To some extent, this is affected by the attitudes and energies emitted by the people in the room, whether it be an individual or group. More satisfying results will likely if everyone comes with an open mind and readiness to be receptive.

The medium - no matter how they receive their connection - does not always get very clear information. Sometimes the things a spirit is trying to convey are very clear, other times they are impressionistic and require interpretation. For instance, the image of someone in uniform could be unclear whether that person is in security, a policeman, or involved with the military. One should be patient and do not get discouraged if something is not said exact.

A medium can not stress enough that they do not want clients to volunteer extra information other than what they specifically ask for in the attempt to clarify. Generally, answers should be honest and limited to responses like unclear, maybe, yes, or no. Through this patter, the interpretation is fine tuned and the spirit's message becomes more clear. Understand that basic clarifications like mistaking police for military or the name Cindy for Sandy is acceptable.

A spirit might not directly provide their name or relationship to the client. Quite often they tend to give glimpse impressions to the medium such as health issues, hobbies, familial relationships, favorite foods, physical traits, or things that are specific to the spirit's life that will lead their loved ones to their identity.

The success of a session depends largely on the energy of all participating. Everyone needs to make themselves receptive, positive, and open minded. Through this, the lines of communication with the spirit world are more attuned.

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