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What To Expect From Dental Implants Maui Treatment

By Anna Gibson

It is possible that you know of individuals who have had dental implant treatment. Their experience may likely have been a good one. This treatment can be safe when you want to replace the teeth that are missing. It has quickly become the gold standard when dealing with the loss of your teeth. Despite this, you need to ask yourself how much you know about the dental implants Maui and what you will expect.

The operation is simple, consists of three parts. First, you will have an implant post normally inserted into the jawbone. An abutment is then attached to the implant; normally it protrudes above the gum line. Lastly, a tooth restoration is installed to cover the abutment. The whole thing should not be so hard if you are working with the experts in the field.

This treatment is better than other choices because of the way the implant post will replace the tooth root. The natural teeth are important for you to have good dental health. Whenever you bite down your tooth, there is a sensation transmitted through the crown of your tooth to the tooth root. This will stimulate the bone so that any old bone cells are replaced. When a natural tooth is removed, this will not happen as the old bone cells will not be replaced.

When you are working with the best dentists in the market, you will have the best results. This is because they can create a perfect implant for you. There are a couple of things they look at before they install the teeth. One of the aspects they look at is the size of the other teeth and the support of the lips. The implant is then sterilized and polished; the roots are cross-checked by special machines. Some of the benefits you will have with it is the fact that you will not have a sunken look.

Before receiving the treatment, you will first need to consult with a good dentist. On your first consultation, they will carefully examine the mouth and will need your medical history so that they determine if this treatment will be beneficial to you. They can be used in the treatment of tooth loss, but sometimes an alternative treatment may be better for you.

A single tooth implant will usually take an hour or less. Local anesthetics will be administered to prevent you from encountering any pain. However, if you are nervous, you may ask to be given more sedation. The doctor should adhere to this since they want to make you as comfortable as possible. They would never force you into anything that you do not want because they would not want to lose clients.

With some treatments, it is possible for a new tooth to be attached quickly. Your dentist will provide you with some temporary restoration that will make you feel good until the permanent teeth will be fabricated. Your doctor can give you a lot of information on how you can take care of the surgery while healing.

Once you have installed the teeth, you should be able to eat as perfect as any other person. You have to know that the process is not that cheap. Always visit a competent clinician on time. Moreover, your dentist will conduct the regular dental checkups.

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