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Useful Facts And Information About Glaucoma San Antonio TX

By Joyce Brooks

Glaucoma is one of the conditions that are most dreaded that affect eyes. When one gets diagnosed with it, they may become so worries and the world might come crumbling around them. It leads to vision loss that is painless, relentless and progressive. It is the second most common cause of blindness that is preventable. When considering glaucoma San Antonio TX residents need to know some useful facts about it.

There are various causes of glaucoma, both rare and common causes. In fact, it is not a disease but a combination of conditions with the only common thing being that they will lead to damage of optic nerve. The optic nerve is what transmits images from eyes to the brain. The nerves will start getting damaged over a period of time. Being that the loss of vision takes some time, one may not detect it easily.

There are two causes of glaucoma. The first is whereby the defect is within eyes. This is the commonest cause. The other cause is when such defects lie in the optical disk. It is not as common. If the defect is in eyes, it involves increase in pressure of eyes and optical nerve will be damaged. This results because of increased pressure. The increased pressure damages the optic nerve by reducing blood supply to the optic nerve. Nerve cells also damage nerve cells.

You should know what causes increase in pressure in eyes. Under normal circumstances, there are fluids constantly being formed in eyes and later being drained out. The fluid is called the aqueous humor. It is never the same as tears. Tears are within eyes while the aqueous humor is outside. As it drains, what results is an imbalance in formation of fluids. There will be pressure rise.

The other type is closed angle glaucoma. The part of the eye from where fluids drain is called angle. There is open angle type that is more common and will involve formation of cells in an abnormal way. This happens in such a way that there is not enough drainage of fluids. Pressure in eyes thus increases. It is open angle but which is abnormal, hence the name. In closed cases, drainage angle gets closed in an automatic way that also interferes with fluid drainage within eyes. This version is common in Asian countries.

There are three main treatment options that can be considered. These are use of eye drops, laser treatment and surgery. Medications are administered as eye drops. In rare cases, pills might be prescribed. This is usually as a temporary measure. The medications work by decreasing amount of fluid that is produced by eyes. They also improve drainage of fluids.

Laser surgical treatment will involve using low energy light beams. The beams of light are aimed at drainage channels so that there is better outflow. This will in turn reduce pressure in eyes. The surgery is performed in the office of a surgeon.

The use of surgery is recommended when laser treatment and eye drops do not manage the pressure. Surgery is supposed to enhance drainage. It will will include placing shunts and stents.

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