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Top Expert Fitness Advice- How To Eat Well And Stay Fit Without Spending A Fortune

By Edward Williams

Can you recall the days when petrol was 60 cents a liter, a bus fare was measured in considerably small change and not $5 notes, and life seemed a little less stressful. Today, living costs are higher: we are spending less time on observing our health because of more pressing immediate necessities. Nevertheless, you do not have to dip into your savings to ensure you remain healthy. So what are the Top expert fitness advice that can save money and still keep your health in tip-top shape?

For a healthy heart, diet and exercise are of extreme importance. If you are at a risk of heart related diseases, then make a note of the following points and follow them to see how easily you can get rid of the heart related diseases. Try to keep the calories from fat in your daily diet, to less than ten percent. Cut down the intake of highly saturated fatty foods like cheese. Include a lot of fiber rich foods in your diet, such as fruits like oranges, apples, whole grains, vegetables such as beans, etc. Reduce the usage of salt and sugar.

Let's focus on the health and fitness advice related to the physical well-being. Always remember to start your training routine with a warm up for about 10 to 15 minutes. As per experts, cycling, walking or jogging is among the smart choices for a healthy heart. If you can exercise every day, then a workout of 30 minutes per day is the minimum limit.

To get fit and maintain the fitness at an affordable cost, it is essential to consider installing your home gym. Forget about saving your money for gym memberships and gym equipment because you will have everyday items around the house which can adequately take their place. Running on the spot, star jumps, burpees, push-ups and skipping can all be done in your lounge room while watching television! The amount of exercise you can do for free puts into perspective whether gym memberships are worthwhile.

Some of the health advice given by experts even suggest of inculcating healthy habits in the whole family, this not only teaches children to gain knowledge on healthy aspects from childhood but also to differentiate healthy food from those which are bad for health. Encourage your children to take up physically challenging sports and join them during weekends for a game or two and you will be amazed to find that not only overall health of the family improves, but even the family bonds strengthen up.

Do you want to be able to walk and enjoy your life? Or would you rather die before your time, never getting to see your children grow, never knowing if you had any grandchildren? Do you want to walk with a walker when you are older, or worse yet, be wheelchair bound, unable to get your breath when you walk, all because you refused to take care of this one body you were given?

Having a buddy is similar to having your personal trainer, as long as he/she is just as motivated as you are. Be careful here, as an unmotivated buddy can sabotage your endeavors quicker than you can down a Twinkie! Though it is easier and more fun to get healthy with a buddy, it is also easier and more fun to spiral back down into gluttony with a buddy.

Leading a healthy life is not complicated, all you need is awareness. Once you know what is right for your body, you are on the right path. Check out the above insights.

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