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Tips For Finding Cavachon Breeders

By Andrew Wallace

Adopting an adult dog or a pup from a shelter and even rescue groups are advisable before buying one. But, if you want to have a purebred pup, then you should consider finding a reliable breeder who knows everything he does. Unlike fake breeders and pet stores, credible breeders opt to breed only healthy dogs with a good personality.

Through this, you have a great chance to get the pup you want the most. In addition to that, they also understand the proper way of taking care of puppies in a way that can prepare them a new life in your family. Basically, there are lots of breeders who are not aware of the process and the rules, too. Therefore, in order to find the right Cavachon breeders, you should invest more time in researching before making a decision.

Keep in mind that a person who breeds dogs will do different important things. First, he will perform available health and genetic tests before starting the breeding process. He would never breed dogs known to have heritable disorders, nor will he breed aggressive or shy dogs. And he gets an additional point if he supports out crossing troubled breeds to eliminate or reduce heritable health issues.

In addition to that, a good breeder also understands the history and health of each pup. Basically, it is going to be a tough job to develop a certain expertise about various breeds. Thus, a breeder who specializes in one breed is much better than those who breed more than two dogs at a time.

It is usually said that meeting both parents of the puppies you want is important. But that is not necessary at a lot, especially when dealing with credible breeders. But if you are warned away from the parents, then go elsewhere. As you can see, temperament is heritable. An aggressive mother definitely can produce healthy pups, but getting a friendly companion is much better.

One of the best sources of information is through word of mouth recommendations. It would be best to talk to those who have been participating in formal obedience training programs, agility, or herding competitions. This way, you will able to get reliable information and referrals from them.

You can also visit different dog shows in your local area or contact a breeding club in the locality for recommendations. Talk to many breeders as you can. Through this, you are able to know how reliable, passionate, and committed they are for breeding. You should also ask questions about the health condition of the pup before making a commitment.

Keep an eye when visiting the breeders on your list. The first aspect to look for a good breeder is someone who breeds and raises dogs inside the house. Pups who are meant as family pets must be raised inside the house with the family, not in the backyard, a garage, or in the basement.

You will also notice that those proper cared for are those who seem comfortable with other animals and humans. That is actually a good sign that they have been socialized and cared for. Moreover, a good breeder is also motivated by the passion for the breed, not by making extra money. If you are buying a puppy who is not going to be bred, you should ask the breeder to sign a contract to avoid contributing to dog overpopulation.

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