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The Benefits Of Spinal Decompression Therapy From A Chiropractor In Foxboro MA

By Carla Bergoba

Some of the most common ailments chiropractors see in their offices are the result of excessive pressure placed on the back. This can occur when a patient lifts too much weight or lifts it incorrectly. Damaged nerves and spinal compression can be the painful result. Reduction in bone density can also cause loss of flexibility and reduce functional mobility. A chiropractor Foxboro MA patients rely on can improve function with spinal decompression.

Depending on the cause and severity of their ailment, chiropractors may choose to use new technology, traditional methods, or a combination of the two to relieve the discomfort and improve functionality. These professionals will run a series of tests to determine the exact location of the problem. After assessing the results, they develop a regimen that might include massage and laser therapy and ultrasound heating. More serious cases are referred to a medical professional for further analysis.

Spinal compression has certain common symptoms. Patients complain of weakness, numbness, pain and tingling in their legs and arms. These are neurological issues created by the pressure on the spine.

Some issues involving a spine will recede with the help of medication and pain therapy. Symptoms that are resistant to these methods become problematic. They can lead to other, and more invasive, issues.

Compression of a spine has several causes. It may come about as a result of trauma or nerve damage. There are a number of diseases that affect the pressure on the spine. It takes an experienced professional to determine the specific reasons for the problem and make appropriate recommendations.

Rehabilitation is often a necessary step in the healing process. It allows the spine to recover and finally eliminates the discomfort. Patients see significant improvement quickly and can return to their previous way of living.

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