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Signs Of Menopause Roanoke That Women Should Know

By Gary Gibson

No woman is ever sure when she will hit the menopause stage in her life. When the time finally comes, they all have different experiences, with some having more serious symptoms than others. The stage may cause major complications in their lives. Women must therefore pay attention to the Signs of Menopause Roanoke if they are to handle the transition in the best way possible.

Experiencing episodes of hot flashes is a common thing for women entering this stage of life. Body temperatures rapidly rise, causing one to perspire a lot. You may be out enjoying yourself in the company of friends and then this unbearable heat attacks you from nowhere, causing great discomfort. In the early days this may be vexatious, but soon you get accustomed to it. A doctor can advise on how to deal with such symptoms.

Another symptom they may suffer as they enter the dreaded stage is complete lack of sleep, commonly referred to as insomnia. Many a times they cannot do anything about it. Some start to depend on prescription drugs to help them sleep. They may wake up the next morning feeling tired, causing them to have mood swings. Women who are still working are most affected by this as they may find themselves dozing off during work hours.

The easiest way for a woman to know she is entering menopause is by looking at her menstrual cycle. The periods may become heavier and last for longer. If the periods have not been experienced for about twelve months, that would also be a sign. Sometimes the periods may come again and then stop completely. When this happens, it is wise to find a medical expert to talk to.

As you near menopause, your body will experience a lot of changes. Your hormones will reduce, causing an imbalance in your body. When this happens, a good number of women lose their sex drive. This should not cause a lot of concern as these changes are part of life. The hormonal changes also pressure adrenal glands, leading to one feeling fatigued and developing allergies.

Research has it that as women enter this phase they dread, a good number of them are likely to fall into melancholy. The stress that comes with it causes high levels of depression. What follows is the use of antidepressant pills prescribed by doctors, not knowing there may be side effects to be suffered. Therefore, it is paramount that women learn the signs so that they are prepared when they get to that stage.

To further help out those going through the stage, they need a lot of love and support from their families and friends. The families need to know what makes them change moods in an instant and why they cannot sleep at night. Being open about the condition is the first step towards healing. They can also find other women who already passed the stage and make them their mentors.

With the signs and symptoms mentioned above, women can learn how to monitor themselves. Nevertheless, it would also be better for them if they had routine checkups with their doctors. Your doctor may realize it early and prepare you for the transition ahead and guarantee you go through it successfully.

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