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Searching For Laser Skin Wrinkle Treatment Atlanta GA

By Rebecca Johnson

A lot of people have skin blemishes or wrinkles that they will not be happy with and they will want them taken away. Using a lotion or cream can provide a short term solution to these problems but there are some other options that are available. Professional procedures can give excellent results and when you are trying to locate laser skin wrinkle treatment Atlanta GA it is useful to do some homework.

A laser procedure works by aiming a beam of light at the area that needs treating which then takes away layers of skin. These treatments can be used to reduce the scars, wrinkles and blemish on different areas of the body. Prior to booking your procedure it is essential to speak to your doctor to ensure you have no underlying medical conditions that would make exposure to lasers unsuitable.

There are a couple of types of procedure available at the specialist clinics and a suitable one will be selected for each individual patient. The first method is called Co2 resurfacing which uses a short pulse or beam to treat the wrinkle, blemish or scar. Recovery time for patients is usually around two weeks but this will vary with each patient.

The second procedure that is offered is called erbium laser resurfacing and this will usually be used for deeper wrinkles and scars on the face or body. This procedure also gives better results for those with a darker skin pigmentation. Recovery time following this procedure is around one week to ten days depending on how the patient reacts to the laser.

You can locate a clinic by searching various places in Atlanta GA and it is very important to use one that is licensed and fully insured to carry out procedures. Your dermatologist or family doctor may be able to refer you to a clinic and there are contact numbers in the telephone book. The net is also a useful place to find a well established clinic and their web pages are a good place to do some research on the treatments.

When you have found a suitable clinic you can contact them and arrange for a consultation visit. At your first appointment you are required to fill in a few forms with your personal details and medical history. The specialist that is treating you can then assess you and choose a suitable procedure before booking you in.

The price you pay for a procedure is going to vary and it will depend on the clinic you are using and how many sessions you have. Most treatments last between thirty minutes up to a couple of hours depending on the areas that are treated. Following the procedure there may be some after care which is important and you may have to take a short course of antibiotics to prevent infection.

Some medical and cosmetic procedures can result in adverse side effects and you should consider this. Some patients have reported minor scarring, burns and a change in skin color after being exposed to a lasers. If you have experienced any side effects or feel unwell after a laser procedure you should contact the clinic as soon as possible.

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