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Searching For A Clinic For Gastric Bypass Surgery Houston

By Elizabeth Thomas

Many people will want to lose weight for various reasons including being advised to do so by a physician. This will usually mean cutting out unhealthy foods and combining your diet with some exercise. When these methods do not achieve weight loss you may decide to have a medical procedure carried out and when you are searching for gastric bypass surgery Houston and there are some important things to be aware of.

The operation involves your stomach being divided into two pouches and connected with a part of the small intestine. The results are that your food intake will be drastically reduced because you will be full after eating small portions of food. This procedure has very good success rates for many patients and weight loss can be achieved quite quickly.

There are various ways to locate a specialist clinic in Houston, TX that can perform your operation. Your personal physician may be able to refer you to a clinic in the area and there are numbers for specialists in the telephone book. A large number of private clinics will also advertise in newspapers and monthly health magazines.

The internet is also a useful place to find a clinic and the web sites for the specialists are very informative. The web sites have some detailed information regarding the operation and you are ale to read patient feedback in the testimonials section. You can book an appointment on the web page and if you need more information you should telephone or email the clinic.

When you have found a clinic you can attend a consultation and speak with the surgeon who will ask you some questions regarding your day to day lifestyle and they will discuss the operation. A standard medical questionnaire will have to be completed and you will be subjected to a full medical examination to ensure you are fit for an operation. When you and the doctors are satisfied they will give you a date for the operation.

Before you have your operation the majority of clinics will ask you to go for some counseling to make sure you are making the correct decision. You will have the opportunity to discuss your general lifestyle with the councilors and talk about any problems which may have led to weight gain. When these sessions are over you can proceed with the surgery.

The costs of an operation will be dictated by your choice of surgeon and which clinic you have used. You will be charged for the operation, your stay in hospital and any aftercare that is needed. Following the operation you will have to make some follow up appointments and these costs need to be included in your budget.

After your operation you need to make some changes to your eating habits. Your appetite may be affected and you may not feel like eating anything at all due to some hormonal changes in your body. You may also have to take multi vitamins and other nutritional supplements due to the fact that you are going to be eating less food.

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