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Proper Neuropathy Care Protocols For Optimal Health With A Chiropractor In Peabody

By Jesrel Madrid

Neuropathy, characterized by burning, tingling pain and numbness, may be caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, compression injuries or prescription drugs. A chiropractor in Peabody will have knowledge about scientifically-based, drug-free therapies that alleviate the condition. Protocols encompass a whole-body approach that has several components.

For years, the primary approach to managing neuropathy was based around getting control of the symptoms by using pharmaceuticals. These products have limited effectiveness and are often accompanied by undesirable side effects.

Current chiropractic methods for mitigating neuropathy call for a combination of therapies, including electrotherapy, which is painless and has proven effective in clinical trials. This modality uses frequencies that work well with the body, facilitating the release of endorphins, leading to lower levels of pain and anxiety while enhancing patients' sense of overall well-being. Neurostimulation therapy restores nerve function in areas that have been damaged by medications or health conditions.

Certain hands-on techniques like chiropractic spinal manipulation or therapeutic massage may be gently performed to safely encourage natural healing even in patients who have increased frailty due to other health conditions.

To maximize the benefits of manual techniques, the care provider relies on rehabilitation therapy to reduce pain and numbness. Inactivity has been shown to make neuropathy worse. Hence, an individually-tailored exercise program or various muscle therapies are often recommended.

Chiropractic doctors can help patients take a more active role in getting healthier by providing education on lifestyle adjustments that enhance the benefits of their therapies. This may include dietary counseling and recommendations for nutritional products of high quality. The effects of neuropathy can be reduced, and the immune system boosted by consuming foods that are rich in desired fats and necessary vitamins. Blood sugar control is also crucial.

A chiropractor can work in conjunction with a medical doctor to provide ongoing monitoring or to adjust therapy protocols to meet each patient's unique needs. This multi-pronged approach to alleviating neuropathy allows patients to eventually be able to monitor the condition on their own at home, helping them to achieve long-lasting relief that goes beyond simple symptom management.

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