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Chiropractic Advice On Obesity Related Back Pain Foxboro MA

By Kenya Saab

Whenever a person feels extreme discomfort in their body, it is important to get to the root of what is causing their muscles, bones, and ligaments. Spinal issues may become chronic over time, or they might have a sudden onset due to injury. Contacting a chiropractor regarding one's back pain Foxboro MA is the first step in assessing what may be contributing to the problem.

Obesity is a major cause of spinal discomfort and once one understands how it contributes to the problem, they may be more motivated to shed the necessary pounds to reduce skeletal strain.

The bulk of a person's weight is meant to be supported by their spine, which distributes the strain most efficiently when one sits, stretches, or bends throughout the day. When there is too much mass in single area, balance is put off. As an example, a hefty midsection pulls the spinal column forward forming a vertebral curve. This in turn often creates misalignment in ligaments and muscles.

In addition to creating poor posture, obesity and being generally out of shape sometimes go hand in hand. When you do not exercise regularly, your muscles, joints and ligaments all become stiff. This lack of flexibility increases your risk for back injuries and it makes your back hurt anytime you do activities that extend beyond your normal daily exertion. Having extra weight combined with stiff muscles sets up the perfect situation for experiencing a major back injury.

While practically no one likes to be told they are overweight, chiropractors find it is important to discuss this issue. They can help assess the individual's personal situation and formulate an effective dietary plan to begin weight loss, as well as advise on how far and often one should walk to get adequate strength and exercise.

There is no doubt that an individual should consult their chiropractor prior to beginning a new exercise program so as to avoid irritating spinal issues that already exist. They know best how to combine various approaches such as dietary control, cardiovascular exercises, chiropractic measures, and productive stretching, in order to correct alignment and increase general comfort.

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